What is Wrong With This Picture?

I saw this on comedian @pattonoswalt's Twitter feed. Something jumped out as being horribly, horribly wrong with this photo. It's not the content. It's not...

Jerry Jones Dumps on Trump

Out of all owners of NFL teams (including the beloved Green Bay Packers which are owned by NO man, but by a city), only...
Donald Trump

Trump Loves Everything About Freedom — Except for the Freedom

Apparently off his meds and in dire need of a nap, cranky old Donald Trump took the stage at a Huntsville, Alabama, auditorium Friday...


Which Gets Canceled First? Trump Presidency? Or World?

Several end-times scenarios are discussed on this worrisome edition of the "TrumpThumpers" podcast.

My Stand for Disabled Americans

REPRINTED FROM BREITBITNEWS.COM I am too disabled to stand for a very long time. But I will stand for my rights and for those of...

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