Trump Amends EO, Preparing for War?

It's a Friday afternoon, and President Trump has signed an executive order that, according to some analysts, will allow him to recall retired military...

Question Not the Words of the General

White House Press Secretary and former middle linebacker for the Arkansas Razorbacks, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, scolded a reporter for having the brass, bald-faced temerity...

He Knew. What He. Signed Up. For.

Disproving the adage, "better late than never," Donald Trump horrified the civilized world today by telling the pregnant widow of a soldier killed in...


Which Gets Canceled First? Trump Presidency? Or World?

Several end-times scenarios are discussed on this worrisome edition of the "TrumpThumpers" podcast.

My Stand for Disabled Americans

REPRINTED FROM BREITBITNEWS.COM I am too disabled to stand for a very long time. But I will stand for my rights and for those of...

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Third World Corruption In Milwaukee

¬† Third World Corruption in Wisconsin¬† A brief summary of the purchasing of the Wisconsin Supreme Court by the Wisconsin Club for Growth (WCG) and Citizens for a Strong America (CSA) will drive home to the reader how corrupt Wisconsin has become.¬†…
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