This is part two of the series which delves into the character of Aaron Justin Walker aka Aaron Worthing.

It was a long morning before the case came to the judge, and being that it was nearing lunch time the judge in the case who had not been involved in the earlier case decided he was having none of the case being presented, and quickly ruled against Mr. Kimberlin’s motion for contempt. Mr. Walker, after interjecting himself in the case every time the plaintiff tried to speak to the judge, and even going so far as to interfere in the case from the visitors gallery, was finally told to sit down and shut up by the judge or be escorted out by the Sheriff. After the judge ruled in the case, Mr. Kimberlin and Mr. Walker walked out of the court together, and after entering the outer chamber of the court a scuffle ensued in which Mr. Kimberlin claimed Mr. Walker physically assaulted him and then took away his iPad. A number of Law Enforcement officers arrived on the scene post scuffle and the two parted and went their separate ways, but not before Mr. Kimberlin was directed by the Police to the States Attorney’s office to file criminal charges of assault, which were then taken by the Maryland States Attorney for investigation, and now subsequent trial on Second Degree Assault charges which could land Mr. Walker in prison for up to 10 years. It was at this point Mr. Walker literally started to fall apart at the seams.

Physically attacking a plaintiff in a court case is the most ludicrous event that any attorney could be involved in. Now the case started to offer an inside view of the mind of Aaron Walker, a man so infused with hatred that he would go the distance to attack a plaintiff in a courthouse, which just strains credibility, but it did in fact result in charges being filed and a police investigation being started whereby serious criminal charges have now been laid at the door of Mr. Walker. It was at this point where another set of characters outside of the proceedings entered into the fray.

Enter Ron Brynaert, former journalist for Raw Story, and Neal Rauhauser, political junkie and fixer extraordinaire and hatchet man of the left. Mr. Brynaert tweeted Mr. Walker’s real name while investigating the case in real time, and at the same time Mr. Rauhauser started compiling a rather large dossier on the comings and goings of Mr. Walker and Mr. Breitbart, as well as attacks by the right wing hatchet men against the political left wing. He then released a series of documents detailing what he had found out about them in a file distributed on The Pirate Bay torrent exchange website. It was prior to this point whereby Mr. Walker decided to file for a Peace Order against Mr. Rauhauser for talking about him in public, and a host of other charges as well. The claim he filed was for extortion and various interference with business practices which was then set for a hearing 10 days later. However Mr. Rauhauser could not be located to be served with the Peace Order document, so the case was reset for another week to give them time to serve him. At the very same time Mr. Walker filed what seems like a very frivolous lawsuit for the sum of 66 million dollars against Mr. Kimberlin, Mr. Brynaert, and Mr. Rauhauser, for emotional infliction of stress, tortuous interference of business, and a number of other charges that seemed made up out of thin air. In a rambling document that goes on for some 45 pages or so, Mr. Walker claims that all three parties conspired to ruin him all because they mentioned his name. Mr. Walker of course defended the stalker Seth Allen in the Kimberlin case by using the argument that the stalker had a right to Free Speech. And yet when others decided to talk about Mr. Walker he took offense at the Free Speech argument and quickly claimed that anyone who talked about him that wasn’t on his side was in fact guilty of inciting terrorism and asking for terrorist charges to be lodged against them. Mr. Kimberlin followed up with a Motion for a Peace Order against Mr. Walker due to harassment for multiple tweets and articles on his blog about Mr. Kimberlin, which was the same acts used by the original stalker Seth Allen in the earlier case. A hearing was then set for a week later on that motion and all parties then went to their respective corners to contemplate the potential outcome. The case could not be more bizarre at this point. For a PDF of the 66 Million Dollar Lawsuit, click link below:

Aaron VA Suit

The following week Mr. Kimberlin went to court on his Peace Order motion against Mr. Walker and Mr. Walker summarily lost the case in front of a very stern judge who claimed that Mr. Walker was overly involved in Mr. Kimberlin’s affairs and ordered the Peace Order for 6 months against Mr. Walker. In a bizarre move Mr. Walker attempted to try the criminal assault case in front of the Peace Order judge, which was a very bold move for him to take by giving evidence in a civil proceeding prior to a criminal trial which could throw him in prison for 10 years. He told the judge that he felt in fear for his life, and that he thought that Mr. Kimberlin had a bomb planted in his iPad, and that when exiting the courtroom Mr. Walker felt that Mr. Kimberlin was going to set off the bomb in the iPad, and so he quickly lunged for the iPad to take it away from Mr. Kimberlin in which a struggle ensued and Mr. Kimberlin was injured in the subsequent melee. Now what gets me in this explanation is how did Mr. Walker feel that Mr. Kimberlin manufactured a bomb to use against Mr. Walker when Mr. Walker was not supposed to show up for a case he was not even involved in? That strains credibility right there. And does one lunge towards a bomb or away from it if one perceives that it is about to go off? Not only that, but he told the police who entered into the fray after the fact a completely different story of the events. While I won’t go into details on that story at this point, it strains Mr. Walker’s credibility to the limit in this case. In one court he tells a judge one completely ludicrous story that had the judge rolling his eyes according to witnesses in the case. And in another court he has to defend those very statements against the original statements he made to the police which are entirely different. So he either lied in one case or he lied in another, either way he has some serious explanations to give to the Maryland States Attorney when the criminal case against him comes to trial, which at this point is set for March 29th 2012.


In the subsequent Peace Order hearing against Mr. Rauhauser Mr. Walker literally fell apart in front of the judge in trying to explain how Mr. Rauhauser had extorted him by putting a map of Boston on his blog, and another map to Virginia on his blog, which did not even mention Mr. Walker at all. To this day I cannot locate any maps that were posted on that blog either. Mr. Walker also asserted that a video on Mr. Rauhauser’s website contained a video of a beheading, which also does not show up on the website either. And Mr. Walker tried to claim to the judge that this was meant for him, so it was extortion in his words. The Judge in the case, who was very well versed on the internet, literally laughed Mr. Walker out of the courtroom while denying him a Peace Order against Mr. Rauhauser, and this was without Mr. Rauhauser even in attendance.

So a Yale Graduate lost a case against a defendant who was not even represented and didn’t even show up for court, and then lost another case against Mr. Kimberlin who was acting pro se, and without any counsel or legal training, other than reading up at the law library. And this from a man who graduated from the prestigious Yale Law School. And now for Mr. Walker to face criminal charges in the case just adds to the very strange goings on in this affair.

The other strange issues that are going on in this case are that in the original court case against the stalker Seth Allen that Mr. Walker interjected himself into, Mr. Walker filed to have his real name placed under seal, along with other pertinent information about him, including where he works, and his home address and so forth. Right now there are motions to unseal those records in that court, and then counter motions have been filed by Mr. Walker to deny the motions to unseal. Then Mr. Kimberlin filed another motion to have a hearing set on the motion to unseal Mr. Walker’s information, and now Mr. Walker has filed another motion to deny Mr. Kimberlin a hearing on the matter, even though in several other courts Mr. Walker has already told the courts who he is and where he lives, and in subsequent court filings in Virginia, he has sued Mr. Kimberlin and Mr. Brynaert and Mr. Rauhauser under his own name. And the end result to all those motions? Most of them were Denied.



Not only that, he used his own name in various Peace Order filings and also has criminal charges pending in his own name which are all public record. It couldn’t get anymore bizarre than that. My question is why would Mr. Walker care so much that his name be sealed in one court, while he has filed several other actions in other courts in subsequent cases tied to the original case using his own name and information? And why continue to threaten other people involved in the case with terrorism charges if they even mention the case in public or on twitter, while Mr. Walker maintains a blog whereby one can see all the sealed motions that Mr. Walker has filed, as well as all the motions in each case he has filed, while at the same exact time begging people to take the files and make them go viral? Yet, he begs the court to keep his name out of the original case for fear of it going public? Insanity.

In the meantime all parties to this case have pretty much shut up about it for now, even though recent events have led Mr. Walker to believe that he will soon be able to go back to harassing Mr. Kimberlin by talking about him again in public. At present, each party has much to concern themselves with, and the stakes are very high for all involved. I also think that everyone in this case has finally seen the light, and that is don’t try the case in public, instead let the legal system work even though it will probably fail. And whether it will or not is anyone’s guess at this point. The strange goings on are all evident of the way the late Mr. Breitbart did business with various hangers on and contributors. I guess the more insane they appeared to be, the more he gave them credibility. Which begs the question of how stable was Mr. Breitbart if he employed or hung around or defended such people? In the case of Mr. Walker, he runs a blog that is dedicated to religious intolerance and hatred against Muslims, while at the same time working as a compliance Attorney for a Health Care organization dedicated to helping people of all races, creeds and cultures who are in need of their services. And then Mr. Walker worked part time for the late Mr. Breitbart as a contributing author on his Big Journalism and the Big Government websites which are now defunct since Mr. Breitbart died. Yet hidden in this Health organization is someone who spends his days and nights trying to get people to kill him or Muslims to issue a Fatwah worthy sentences against him. In one rambling screed on his hate blog Everyone Draw Mohammed, which has now been set to “private viewing only” over the issues pertaining to this court case: he tells the so called good or moderate Muslims that they are collateral damage in his quest to root out Muslims he disagrees with, and his efforts at depicting their Prophet in vile and disgusting ways is his way of calling them out on the carpet for their beliefs.


In another screed he posted he tells people, and I quote, “I’m Aaron Worthing of Manasses Virginia, Come On Bitches, Aaron Worthing, Manasses Virginia, But If You Bring It Be Ready; We Practice The Second Amendment here.” The meaning of that I guess is that he has weapons and will use them against anyone who attempts to come and get him for his disgusting blog.

Aaron Worthing
Come and get me bitches…

I truly have a hard time believing that this is a real attorney. But an attorney he is. Mr. Walker also has two others who are also regulars at, which is run by Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney John Patrick Frey, helping him with his hate blog, and those characters are Dustin and JD, both who have contributed to Mr. Walker and his hatred as Walker posts on who runs the blog with him and where they hang their hats.

Again he tells people to come and get him or behead him. Yet in court he tells the judges or anyone who will listen to him that he fears for his life, and if his real name is even mentioned it will get him killed, or it will ruin him for life. But I guess he never gave that any consideration while running this hate blog. As a matter of fact you can see just how he could care less about his own safety or that of his family or co-workers or anyone else that lives near him. It is scary indeed when one thinks about the possibility that your own neighbor or coworker could be some internet fool begging for people to come and get him. In another post he told people that the depictions of the Prophet Mohammed needed to be Fatwah worthy before they would be published.

And he goes on to argue that those moderate Muslims who would be offended are collateral damage and a necessary evil.


Part 3 will show the nexus between Aaron Walker and the late Andrew Breitbart, and how these individuals operated in the past and who they are connected to at present. We all have a dark side to us, and I think that is human nature. But do we really give any thought to the backgrounds of the people who are feeding us news stories on a regular basis via Facebook, Twitter and other social media? In the case of Aaron Walker, here is a man who has a very dark side to him, yet claims in tweets that he has never “said” anything bad about people of the Muslim faith. That is partially true, he hasn’t really said anything that bad, but it is his actions that speak for him instead of his words. And those actions are in setting up blogs to foment violent acts elsewhere through his so called “contributions” in the form of cartoons that depict a religious icon in such a way as to get a violent response from others of that faith who believe that this icon is holy and should not be mocked in any way or shape or form. Walker’s followers of course feel that this is somehow OK, and that what Aaron Walker is doing is almost patriotic in nature.

On the one hand Walker has an image or mask to project to others which is one of normalcy, and where one feels confident that he is an intelligent and well reasoned person. But seeing the darker side to him one finds a man who acts like a child and throws temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. And also one can see a man who seeks publicity just so he can further his darker agenda against those he hates. All in all it is about hatred and spreading hatred as far and as wide as possible.