In a comment on, Scott Jacobs from who also goes by the twitter handle of AblativMeatShld, and who also happens to be the boyfriend of Mandy Nagy aka Liberty_Chick from Andrew Breitbart’s now defunct Big Journalism website, posted that Patterico should burn Nadia Naffe‘s world down, and Patrick Frey should ruin her life for messing with him. It is common knowledge that Patrick Frey’s website is always moderated so that only approved comments by Patrick Frey get through the moderation censor, of which Patrick Frey has the moderation controls. The interesting part about all this shows that The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is in direct violation of hate crime laws by allowing an Assistant District Attorney to approve and or condone comments that espouse violence against other individuals. This is part and parcel of how the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office handles their own staff when it comes to allowing that staff to promote, condone, and or approve of others fomenting violent acts towards other individuals that they do not like.

Mandy Nagy is a frequent contributer and close friend of John Patrick Frey, and also was a very close friend of the late Andrew Breitbart. This screenshot below shows how Mandy Nagy’s boyfriend is allowed to have his violent comments fomenting violent acts or incitements to act against someone they are investigating over her revelations against John Patrick Frey’s close friend and former associate James O’Keefe.


The real issue here is why the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office would allow one of their Assistant District Attorney’s to allow such comments without any repudiation whatsoever on a website that is dedicated to the extremist right wing? This is exactly what we will do here on this website, which is to expose the extremist right wing hatred that comes from the crew of the late Andrew Breitbart. The callousness Andrew Breitbart’s crew of criminals, thugs, racists, religious zealots and haters, of which John Patrick Frey is a part of by his association with these types of people, and I might add, who also condones the very behavior that is conduct unbecoming of a District Attorney anywhere in the United States, is amazing in and of itself. John Patrick Frey needs to be called on the carpet once again for this type of conduct, for this is not the first time – nor will it be the last time this type of activity is allowed on His hatred, his outrageous conduct, and his racist attitudes need to be exposed. And he needs to be fired from his job for incompetence, willful neglect of duty, and for inciting violence or violent behavior to others he writes about. This comment, and this activity will be reported to the proper authorities who have been contacted in the past concerning the activities of this reckless and out of control Assistant District Attorney.

John Patrick Frey needs to be fired from his job, and Scott Jacobs needs to be arrested for inciting a hate crime against Nadia Naffe. And we shall not rest until that day arrives.


UPDATE: Seems as if Patrick Frey has noticed our post here at BreitbartUnmasked and made a truly idiotic comment which I will now post below:

Well I would just like to say to Patrick Frey, we are not minor trolls here at this site. We did in fact contact your Internal Affairs department and lodged a complaint against you for allowing such comments on your site. Others also sent in complaints, and we will make sure that those complaints are aired on this site, and every other website we can find. We did NOT elicit Scott Jacobs to make that comment. That is on YOU, not us. We just picked up on it and made others aware of your despicable attitude and that of your membership. You moderate every comment that comes through your website, and even though you may have others in charge of that job when you are at work, they allowed such a comment to be posted because this is the type of comments you bring to the table. Comments that are negative or against you or your THUG behavior are usually held in moderation or deleted prior to publication. So no one can actually have too much to say against you on your own website. The fact that you allowed this comment, or someone in your admin section allowed it, shows the world that you agree with it, and or condone such violent comments on your website, and or allow inciting or inflammatory comments to inflame the community against individuals that you attack or write about.

You can’t hide behind journalism or free speech, because you are NOT a journalist. You are a THUG and a DISGRACE to the community and state of California. And we are going to make an example out of you for all to see. And that example is your THUGGISH behavior, your outright OUTRAGEOUS conduct towards women, other races, other religions, and other cultures. You are an avowed racist, and you attack and or support others who go out and attack people without provocation. And we will dedicate our time, effort, and money to root out your THUGGISH ways. And will campaign to have you called on the carpet for every attack on others you promote. And you can take that to the bank and cash it you despicable low rent thug.

I hope you get that message loud and clear.