One of the issues in the Aaron Justin Walker (Aaron blogs as Aaron Worthing) case was that Mr. Walker tried to tell a number of people that he never assaulted anyone. And that the case against him was total BS. Later, after the recent hearing on his Peace Order case which we will detail in another post after this one, he claimed total 100 percent victory on. However, the victory seems hollow. The reasons why are really up to the individuals involved. What we are doing here at BU is offering up a side to the case that no one involved from Aaron Walker’s perspective wishes to discuss. And that is, did an assault occur in the outer courtroom? Did Mr. Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law assault a Plaintiff in a court case? Mr. Walker claims nothing happened, and that the facts of the case show that he never assaulted anyone. Let’s look those tweets and see exactly what they have said so far:



Framed for a crime? The crime was an assault. And that assault has been denied over and over and over again by the party involved, and the outer parties who take his side such as famed Assistant District Attorney John Patrick Frey who blogs as Patterico at Patterico.com. Of course there are always two sides to a story, and in this case there is a third side to the story, and that is one from the Judge himself. Let’s listen to the Judge speak about the assault and whether it happened or not shall we?



So, an assault did occur. And this is according to the judge in the case, “an assault did occur, he assaulted the plaintiff” as can be heard in the audio. According to the video above, it is plain as day that some type of melee occurred, and that the police showed up after someone in the courtroom called them in. And in case one thinks that the plaintiff called them as he exited the room, one can plainly see that a huge team of police showed up right after he exited the scene. This is not some guy going downstairs to ask a policemen to attend to him upstairs. This is clearly a case of someone in the courtroom calling the police telling them that a melee was ongoing, and because of that, almost all of the officers on duty showed up to see what was going on. But before they arrived it was clearly over. After the entire event was over Mr. Walker is seen to be the last one leaving the room. There were a number of witnesses who saw what happened. Yet, strangely as we shall see in the next article, none were allowed to be called, and none were called. Not only that, the assault case was dropped by the prosecutors before the case came to trial.

Aaron Walker has been in an ongoing dispute with Brett Kimberlin for close to two years over Aaron Walker’s legal representation of another cyberstalker by the name of Seth Allen. Allen had been stalking Mr. Kimberlin for a number of years prior and ended up talking with Walker who offered to represent Allen in a civil suit by Mr. Kimberlin for stalking him for years on end on various blogs.

When Walker came into the picture it was over Allen going to the right wing blog Patterico.com and offering his story about Kimberlin to them as long as they would support him or defend him or pay his legal bills. The right wingers at Patterico, including Aaron Walker, who was blogging as co-admin on Patterico.com, took Allen in despite Allen’s claim of being a devout left winger who hated the right wing machine. Andrew Breitbart, who had been upset over Kimberlin’s association with the indictbreitbart.org website, took up the cause of Allen and started helping him go after Kimberlin through Patterico.com and Big Journalism.com using Mandy Nagy aka Liberty_Chick as a cut out to do the story that Allen had produced, but under Breitbarts Big Journalism banner leaving out Allen as the story lead and instead making it look like they came up with the story instead of Allen.

Patterico and Andrew Breitbart then started a years long campaign to destroy Mr. Kimberlin using a 34 year old criminal case against him when he was a young man, despite Mr. Kimberlin changing his life and working for charitable causes for decades. Allen was the perfect foil for the right wingers to attack Kimberlin whom they saw as an enemy over his association with indictbreitbart.org and the websites desire to have James O’Keefe indicted for numerous criminal violations. The stalking and smear campaign has continued since, with no sign that the right wingers will abandon their cause to destroy Mr. Kimberlin at any cost. Aaron Walker who also runs the Muslim hate site everyonedrawmohammed.blogspot.com, which has been set to private viewing only since Aaron Walker’s identity as Arron Worthing was exposed, continues to attack Mr. Kimberlin through every available venue, and from the looks of it has a full time job harassing, stalking, or making Kimberlin’s life difficult. Walker, Frey and Breitbart all supported the everyonedrawmohammed hate blog, with Breitbart saying shortly before he died that he did in fact supported the website that Walker was running. They have been part of a crew of Islamophobes operating on the internet until Mr. Kimberlin identified Aaron Worthing as Aaron Walker. Shortly after that identification the site was put on private viewing only, and since then all of them have been trying to either distance themselves from the site or make claims to others who ask questions about it that the site is about Free Speech and standing up for the 1st Amendment, instead of it being a Muslim hate site filled with Islamophobes.

Let me clarify one more time. An assault did occur, and there is no dispute whatsoever in that. Mr. Aaron Justin Walker Attorney At Law assaulted a man (the plaintiff) outside of the courtroom, despite what he and others in his orbit have claimed to the contrary.  Stay Tuned…

  • Texas Tim

    Thank you for setting the record straight. The reason I left the GOP was that they lie, spin propaganda, and create a sort of alternate reality that then gets repeated in an echo chamber as fact. In this case, Mr. Walker and Mr. Patterico did this to say that no assault occurred and that the charge was totally manufactured. The reason I like BU is that you lay out the facts without the spin. Mr. Patterico was tweeting a few weeks ago that the video would prove that there was no assault and that you were afraid of the video. But now you, not Mr. Walker or Mr. Patterico, have posted the entire video and it does show that Mr. Walker was the aggressor and that he assaulted Mr. Kimberlin. And then having the judge specifically say that there was an assault clinches the deal for me. It is so refreshing to have a site that includes the evidence. Great work once again.

  • Marlene Lilian

    I was stalked by a man, and these stalkers rarely stop until they are jailed. I would not doubt it if Mr. Walker doubles down on his stalking now–he sounds very desperate and dangerous. He certainly has a lot of screws loose. He will try to distract and pretend to be following the law while he will schemes to do the final knockout even if he goes down with it. I suspect that there is something in Mr. Walker’s past that you have not yet uncovered that involves a serious violent crime. He sounds like Ted Bundy to me, masquerading as a lawyer while committing terrible acts. He thinks he is smarter than everyone else including the police and he has all the markings of an obsessive, deranged stalker. If he hasn’t snapped already, he will soon enough. He needs to be committed, IMHO, before someone gets really hurt.

  • Caleb Patterson

    For many weeks now we heard that a handful of bailiffs needed to break up the altercation between Aaron and Brett. Thanks for posting the vid and showing that that was false. Its the hype and exaggeration that made people look away. I can now cross this off my list of sites that I regularly visit. Just as bad as the whacky Breitbart folks. Is everyone so desperate for attention that the story itself cant be told without the spin and exaggeration? Thats rhetorical

    • admin

      I think you may have been misinformed on what happened. Maybe you interpreted what you heard into something else. However it shows that there was indeed a number of police who showed up because Mr. Kimberlin was attacked by this wayward out of control violent Attorney at Law who will surely be disbarred over it. As for you crossing sites off your list, hey, go ahead, you won’t be missed here that is for sure. So have fun.

  • Texas Tim

    I have spent a lot of time reading all the back stories on this case and what I find ironic and fascinating is that all of the people who came to the defense of Seth Allen have gotten burned by him, and now his latest tweets are attacking those defenders — Aaron Walker, Dustin Farahnak, Mandy Nagy, Patrick Frey, and Donkey Tale. So they all came to his defense and ended up either getting arrested, fired, sued, outted, tarred, investigated, or otherwise scandalized. So now I am trying to understand if Seth and Kimberlin are working together to out right wing nuts. Maybe Kimberlin used his suit as a honeypot to draw out these crazies. If so, it sure worked. And now, looking at Seth’s tweets, it is pretty clear that he has thrown all his defenders under the bus. Am I right in seeing the bigger picture here.

  • David Mudkipz

    The Soundcloud is down. How can I listen to the Judge speak when there is nothing to listen to? Please repost. Often. Make sure you point out the name of the Judge so people can call and congratulate him/her.