It is no secret that Ben Shapiro hates MMFA and David Brock. But to use Pat Robertson’s talking points to attack the credibility of MMFA stinks in my opinion. So Ben used MMFA’s form 990 to attack MMFA as being anti-Christian. Well, looking at the form 990 for the Christian Broadcasting Network or CBN, it seems CBN has issues of its own. First in 2008 CBN claimed:

Then in 2010 CBN claimed:

The issue here is that they claimed in 2008 that 1000 bore wells were dug in various places, and more that 300 cisterns installed in China, which they claimed benefited more than two million seven hundred thousand people. Yet in 2010 they dug 1600 wells in various places, and installed over 725 cisterns in China – but this only benefited six hundred and two thousand people instead of the two million seven hundred thousand people that benefited in 2008. So in 2008 they dug less wells and installed less cisterns, and somehow benefited more people, yet in 2010 they dug more wells and installed more cisterns, which resulted in less people benefiting. And when I say less, that is almost 2 million less people benefited by them doing more work. How can you dig more and yet serve less?  It seems that this Form 990 report is chock full of holes, and enough that one can drive a truck through. Are they misreporting facts to gain more money from donations? Do people even pay attention to these figures year to year? Or does CBN think that no one really reads these documents, and thus they can pretty much say anything they want and get away with it?

Lastly let’s be very clear here on the Christian Broadcasting Networks mission statement in their own Form 990:

So what I gather by reading this is that the Christian Broadcasting Network attempts to INFLUENCE PUBLIC OPINION on Federal and State Legislation. So does this hit/smear piece by Ben Shapiro on MMFA look like Ben is attempting to INFLUENCE PUBLIC OPINION based upon the Christian Broadcasting Networks view that MMFA is the enemy against Christians and therefore needs to be dealt with? I think so. Sorry Ben, your hit piece or smear piece against MMFA sinks to the bottom of the sewer where you reside. And you can tell Pat Robertson for me that the Earthquake in Haiti probably didn’t happen over the lie that Haitians worship the devil. But you can believe what you want to believe when it comes to that.