Ron Brynaert, former editor of Raw Story, has some curious issues, one of which is he is being sued by Aaron Walker, who blogs as Aaron Worthing. The funny thing about the Walker lawsuit is that he hasn’t been served, while the other parties to the suit have been, or at least Mr. Walker has attempted to serve two of the other parties, of which only one person has replied to the suit. Ron Brynaert though has not been served, nor has Mr. Walker chosen to serve him, nor has he even attempted to serve him. I ask why?

A number of people have speculated that Mr. Brynaert has went over to Mr. Walker attempting to gain influence so Mr. Walker will remove him from the suit, or have Mr. Brynaert become a hostile witness against the two other parties to this frivolous lawsuit. It is strange that as of today, with this suit being several months old, that the other parties have been either served or attempts were made to serve them, yet Ron Brynaert has been curiously left out of that service. Brynaert of course refuses to answer these and other more pressing questions posed to him, and instead deflects these questions on the lawsuit by saying:

As for Aaron Walker thinking it was dumb to include him in the suit, it was because of Ron Brynaert outing Mr. Aaron Walker’s real identity that caused the suit to commence. So to leave Ron Brynaert out of the lawsuit seems somewhat out of place, especially since the lawsuit hinged on Ron Brynaert being the initial bad guy in the suit. So Brynaert’s response seems phony and suspicious at the least. There are people who do believe that Ron is on some Blues Brothers type Mission From God to insert himself into the right wing camp so he can gather evidence for his co-defendant in the suit so they can win one for the gipper I guess. But this is all speculation at this point, and I for one don’t wish to disparage Ron for attempting to gain evidence against these malicious right wing extremists, whom a number of state and federal agencies are currently investigating. At this point in time Ron seems preoccupied with Weinergate and still trying to wean information about Rep Weiner and the supposed fake twitter accounts that brought him down.

There are a number of issues with Ron, one of which was detailed here which that article has shown to be very truthful when it comes to dealing with the mental problems that Ron is suffering from.

Ron will threaten people if they don’t do what he asks, then he will attempt to extort people if they refuse to talk with him, and he will basically NOT follow any journalistic ethics whatsoever, even while trying to claim he is an objective reporter. As an example this tweet today to BU:

So he starts a blog about someone, then tells them to give him everything they have on his pet project or he will start posting at a blog he already opened – which has a main purpose of exposing his own relationship with the person he claims was a source for him – which he now wishes to expose as a fraud. So this is how Ron deals with sources. He plays them for all he can get, then blows them out of the water after trying to extort something from them when those sources realize he is a nutjob. Criminal charges should be sought for such activity, but that is just how I feel about it. Of course if this is some undercover mission for Ron to show the right wingers he is trying to get in bed with that he is on their side, well, I think its probably a foolish crusade to say the least. And whomever hatched such an operation should have their heads examined. Ron is not the sharpest tool in the box, nor is he even the dullest tool, he is in effect the broken tool. And anyone who ends up believing in him will eventually suffer from that belief, right wingers included.

Ron is also being sued by his former employer Raw Story for disclosing confidential information on one of their employees after he took a huge settlement for basically getting fired from his job. He signed a confidentiality agreement with Raw Story never to discuss events surrounding his employment there or his termination and took a big fat paycheck home for signing that agreement. But later after taking Raw Story to the cleaners financially, he then started disclosing information about them to others through emails, tweets and so forth, or so the story goes. We here at BU have yet to uncover the actual lawsuit, but if we come across it we will be sure to dig through it and post any relevant things found. Until then Ron has a lot on his plate to deal with, so I guess it is best to just be wary of him and his delicate mental state. If anyone seeks him out I suggest you run before you get involved with him. If he seeks you out, run for the hills.


UPDATE: Ron tweeted this to BU:

OK, let me get this straight. A source under a confidential agreement with you gives you an account of an event, but you fail to check on it or even vet the story line and decide to publish on your own without checking anything but the sources story, then you later blame the source for the information not meeting your expectations, and then blow your own source out by publishing all the confidential emails between you? I would say that is failing as a journalist to check any news item that a source gives you prior to publishing it. It is your fault, not the sources fault for the story you eventually did. Your failure as a journalist is not your sources problem no matter how much you wish to shove that responsibility over to the source. As the journalist in any story you must check facts out first prior to publication, if not, it is YOU that is to blame for any story problems later on, not the source. It is your responsibility as a journalist to check facts before saying anything. If you fail to do that, then it is on YOUR head, not your sources head. Your the journalist, not the source. Thus you shoulder the blame for not verifying the accuracy of what you are reporting on. If you claim it is the source that is at fault, and then go out and force that responsibility onto them, then no one would ever agree to source for you again for fear that you would fail to research any given story, and thus blame them later on for your own failures as a journalist. So try and remember it is your responsibility to check facts of any story given to you first or prior to publication, fail that and you have only yourself to blame for any negative outcomes. And you were an editor for Raw Story? Wow, you must have been terrible at that job if some lowly blogger has to tell you, a former Editor for a major publication, how to write, edit or publish story material ethically.