Ron Brynaert, former editor of Raw Story, has some curious issues, one of which is he is being sued by Aaron Walker, who blogs as Aaron Worthing. The funny thing about the Walker lawsuit is that he hasn’t been served, while the other parties to the suit have been, or at least Mr. Walker has attempted to serve two of the other parties, of which only one person has replied to the suit. Ron Brynaert though has not been served, nor has Mr. Walker chosen to serve him, nor has he even attempted to serve him. I ask why?

A number of people have speculated that Mr. Brynaert has went over to Mr. Walker attempting to gain influence so Mr. Walker will remove him from the suit, or have Mr. Brynaert become a hostile witness against the two other parties to this frivolous lawsuit. It is strange that as of today, with this suit being several months old, that the other parties have been either served or attempts were made to serve them, yet Ron Brynaert has been curiously left out of that service. Brynaert of course refuses to answer these and other more pressing questions posed to him, and instead deflects these questions on the lawsuit by saying:

As for Aaron Walker thinking it was dumb to include him in the suit, it was because of Ron Brynaert outing Mr. Aaron Walker’s real identity that caused the suit to commence. So to leave Ron Brynaert out of the lawsuit seems somewhat out of place, especially since the lawsuit hinged on Ron Brynaert being the initial bad guy in the suit. So Brynaert’s response seems phony and suspicious at the least. There are people who do believe that Ron is on some Blues Brothers type Mission From God to insert himself into the right wing camp so he can gather evidence for his co-defendant in the suit so they can win one for the gipper I guess. But this is all speculation at this point, and I for one don’t wish to disparage Ron for attempting to gain evidence against these malicious right wing extremists, whom a number of state and federal agencies are currently investigating. At this point in time Ron seems preoccupied with Weinergate and still trying to wean information about Rep Weiner and the supposed fake twitter accounts that brought him down.

There are a number of issues with Ron, one of which was detailed here which that article has shown to be very truthful when it comes to dealing with the mental problems that Ron is suffering from.

Ron will threaten people if they don’t do what he asks, then he will attempt to extort people if they refuse to talk with him, and he will basically NOT follow any journalistic ethics whatsoever, even while trying to claim he is an objective reporter. As an example this tweet today to BU:

So he starts a blog about someone, then tells them to give him everything they have on his pet project or he will start posting at a blog he already opened – which has a main purpose of exposing his own relationship with the person he claims was a source for him – which he now wishes to expose as a fraud. So this is how Ron deals with sources. He plays them for all he can get, then blows them out of the water after trying to extort something from them when those sources realize he is a nutjob. Criminal charges should be sought for such activity, but that is just how I feel about it. Of course if this is some undercover mission for Ron to show the right wingers he is trying to get in bed with that he is on their side, well, I think its probably a foolish crusade to say the least. And whomever hatched such an operation should have their heads examined. Ron is not the sharpest tool in the box, nor is he even the dullest tool, he is in effect the broken tool. And anyone who ends up believing in him will eventually suffer from that belief, right wingers included.

Ron is also being sued by his former employer Raw Story for disclosing confidential information on one of their employees after he took a huge settlement for basically getting fired from his job. He signed a confidentiality agreement with Raw Story never to discuss events surrounding his employment there or his termination and took a big fat paycheck home for signing that agreement. But later after taking Raw Story to the cleaners financially, he then started disclosing information about them to others through emails, tweets and so forth, or so the story goes. We here at BU have yet to uncover the actual lawsuit, but if we come across it we will be sure to dig through it and post any relevant things found. Until then Ron has a lot on his plate to deal with, so I guess it is best to just be wary of him and his delicate mental state. If anyone seeks him out I suggest you run before you get involved with him. If he seeks you out, run for the hills.


UPDATE: Ron tweeted this to BU:

OK, let me get this straight. A source under a confidential agreement with you gives you an account of an event, but you fail to check on it or even vet the story line and decide to publish on your own without checking anything but the sources story, then you later blame the source for the information not meeting your expectations, and then blow your own source out by publishing all the confidential emails between you? I would say that is failing as a journalist to check any news item that a source gives you prior to publishing it. It is your fault, not the sources fault for the story you eventually did. Your failure as a journalist is not your sources problem no matter how much you wish to shove that responsibility over to the source. As the journalist in any story you must check facts out first prior to publication, if not, it is YOU that is to blame for any story problems later on, not the source. It is your responsibility as a journalist to check facts before saying anything. If you fail to do that, then it is on YOUR head, not your sources head. Your the journalist, not the source. Thus you shoulder the blame for not verifying the accuracy of what you are reporting on. If you claim it is the source that is at fault, and then go out and force that responsibility onto them, then no one would ever agree to source for you again for fear that you would fail to research any given story, and thus blame them later on for your own failures as a journalist. So try and remember it is your responsibility to check facts of any story given to you first or prior to publication, fail that and you have only yourself to blame for any negative outcomes. And you were an editor for Raw Story? Wow, you must have been terrible at that job if some lowly blogger has to tell you, a former Editor for a major publication, how to write, edit or publish story material ethically.


  • Texas Tim

    You are wrong about Ron. He knows exactly what he is doing–he is like the mad scientist. No one lives in NYC without a job. He is a paid troll — virtually everything he does is for disinformation. Remember that post he did about Socrates where he said that he was Stuart Simms from Chicago. Total horseshit, but he wrote it with such conviction. But it was to protect Seth Allen. Now he is trying to protect Aaron Walker because Walker has been using him for months to infiltrate the left. The reason Walker sued Ron was to cover Ron’s ass, and that’s why he did not serve him. Ron is being paid by Team Breitbart. I know you think that Ron is really being a trojan horse for Rauhauser, but look at him. He outed Walker after Walker was outed in court, and then Walker used Ron’s outing to sue Kimberlin and Rauhauser while pretending to sue Bryneart. It’s like the DEA who does an arrest and takes the informant in too so they don’t blow his cover. Ron is an informant for the right. And I don’t doubt that he was the one who swatted Stack in order to blame it on Rauhauser. That’s what Ron does, he lies and lies and lies, and then makes up a story to spread disinformation. Mark my words, Ron is being paid big money by the right to distract the left. He is the master of disinformation and lies. He stands for nothing, has no ethics whatsoever, and that’s why he was sued by Raw. Ron is an agent provocateur, but the problem is that he has no loyalties and he will work for attention. Ron is a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome sucking on the pole of Aaron Walker while detectives from New Jersey seek voice mails samples of to test against the swatting tape.

    But you are right about one thing, if anyone relies on anything Ron writes, tweets, or says, they might as well rely Ted Bundy to babysit their daughter because he will totally screw them, twist their words, and leave them in a pile of horseshit.

  • admin

    Thank you Texas Tim, We will sure start looking at all that information you posted and write more posts as we dig deeper. Thank you for that information.

  • Texas Tim

    No problem. I am betting money that Ron’s Kimberlin post has resulted in calls to Kimberlin from everyone who is investigating Ron — Kimberlin probably has voice mails and other information that could help on the Stack case and the Raw Story suit. If, as Ron says, he promised Kimberlin confidentiality and broke that then that would be very powerful evidence in the Raw Story suit. And if Kimberlin tape recorded any conversations with Ron or has voice mails, the feds would probably be very interested in those. I see this Ron character really going over the deep end. He is attacking Frey, Kimberlin, Allen, while sucking on Walker’s pole. He has probably been bedding Nagy as she delivers his paycheck from Walker. Now that is one hell of a weird dude. BTW, did I hear that Ron actually violated the Raw confidentiality agreement because he was jealous of a gay relationship by some of the Raw staffers. Is Ron gay? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • NYPD Blue

    Sorry guys, you are both wrong. I work in Long Island and I know all about Mr. Brynaert. We call him “Bry the Lie.” His is a paid confidential informant working for a law enforcement agency that has been engaging in them so-called dirty tricks and profiling to keep our country safe. Mr. Bry has been used to infiltrate both the left and the right and that is why he can do and say anything with impunity. He is being paid and told to incite, play the nice guy, play the bad guy, troll, make threats and hate on people. Every stroke of his keyboard and every phone call he makes is monitored in real time by LE. He is living in an apartment paid for by LE. You want to know who tipped off Mr. Kimberlin to the identity of Mr. Walker–it was Bry. You want to know who tipped you off to the identity of Mr. Farahnak — it was Bry. You guys are smart so look at the timeline. Bry was publicly saying he was trying to discover the identity of those two and then, boom, they are all of a sudden outed. Well, my little friend, that is because he used his LE connections to find out who they were and then leaked the info as anonymous tips.

    OK, I will walk you through this a little more since it seems like you guys need some help. Why is Bry so focused on Mr. Rauhauser? Well, because of Mr. Rauhauser’s connection to Anonymous and Occupy, groups that are causing us a lot of grief here. Why is Bry so involved with Mr. Walker? Because of Mr. Walker’s incitement of Muslims, which is a big issue for LE here in NY. Don’t think for one second that Mr. Walker is not being totally monitored by a number of LE Agencies. That guy is a walking time bomb so Bry is doing everything possible to work him. Why is Bry so involved with Mr. Stack? Well, again, it has to do with issues important to NY LE — Congressman Weiner. Where do you think the tip came from that Mr. Rauhauser swatted Mr. Stack? Yes, it was from Bry because LE figured they could kill two birds with one stone. Come on guys, have you ever seen someone so focused on so many important people for no apparent reason? You asked WHY? at the beginning of this post, and now you know. Ron Brynaert is working for the man. He is not a rat, he is a paid informant and there is a big difference. He has handlers, he has special numbers to call, and he has instructions to follow. Of course he has issues, but those issues make him the perfect, at least until now, confidential informant. He can infiltrate people and groups by telling them that he is a reporter, or just interested in the truth or whatever.

    All of Bry’s antics on the Net a part of his disinformation campaign — he wants people to be totally confused about whether he is right or left, whether he is sane or insane, whether he is a reporter or gadfly. I have ben laughing at all you guys trying to figure him out. Come on dudes, he’s Forest Gump mixed with Columbo, right in the middle of everything our illustrious police force is interested in. And he has been involved with a lot of covert ops against Occupy, Muslims, Anonymous and other groups perceived as threats that people don’t even know about yet.

    So there you have it, Bry may now have to take on a new persona and leave Long Island because his CI status is exposed. But he has served his usefulness so it’s time….

  • Texas Tim

    NYPD, I may have to eat crow on this one. You sound like you are speaking from personal knowledge about Ron. He sure had me fooled—I thought he was just trolling but what you say about him being a paid confidential informant for the cops sounds not just plausible but probable. I need to go back and look at everything Bry in this new light. Ron Brynaert, Working For The Man, who would have thunk it??? Wait till twitter gets ahold of this — soon, he will probably have to be tweeting from some undisclosed location. Actually, hasn’t Ron been hiding from people for months — now it makes sense why he won’t tell anyone his address or phone number. NYPD gave us a hint — Long Island, New York. Hey Occupy, Hey Anonymous where are you? What’s the GPS on Ron Brynaert? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

    So let me break this down, Ron is a gay rat who lies to his employer and his sources after he promises them confidentiality. He is ratting on Occupy, Anonymous, and many others in order to keep them confused about his motives and his loyalties. But now NYPD has enlightened us all by blowing Ron’s cover once and for all. Heck of a job, Ronny boy.

    Come to think of it, hmmm. Ron is being paid by the man so anything that Ron has done illegally has been done “under color of law” so he could be sued for violating civil rights along with his handlers. Ron, you just became a liability. Hey, Frey, you should sue Ron under 1983 for violating your civil rights — you could prob get a lot of money from the cops who are directing him. Ron wouldn’t be the first rat informant who brought down his handlers. Food for thought.

  • NYPD Blue

    Sorry Texas Tim, I have to call you out on a few things. Here in NY, we don’t care whether people are gay or not and in Bry’s case, that’s an asset because he can use that for his job in certain circumstances. Bry has the capability to mingle as a straight or as a gay depending on the situation. But being gay is certainly not something he should be bashed about. You would be surprised how many gays are serving for NYPD LEs.

    The other thing–you called Bry a “rat.” That is a negative word and usually means someone who tells LE about crimes in which he or she is involved, like the drug user on the street who gets busted and then rats on the supplier. But in Bry’s case, he is not a rat at all. Instead, he is a paid confidential informant and he does what he is told to do. I don’t mean to say that everything is always clear sailing with Bry — he is quite a strange bird sometimes — but if he is told to infiltrate Occupy, he spends weeks identifying the people involved and then approaches them in various ways and using various socks and personas to try to get information about them. He has been good at what he does, even when he is a pain.

    I realize that you are a Texas boy and your terminology is different than what we use here in NY, but you still have to be careful with your language so it isn’t used disparagingly.

    One final thing, as for your color of law argument. Bry does push the envelope and he has crossed the line from time to time. But as a CI, no LE anywhere in the country is going to touch him. As for a civil suit, that could get dicey if someone sued him under color of law and it got to the discovery stage. But IMHO, there will be forces that intercede on his behalf so I do not expect such a case to get past any motion to dismiss. This is not to say that Bry or LE would not be concerned…but here in NY, we have many CIs that do a lot of illegal stuff and they never get prosecuted or sued. And when they do get too hot, like Sabu, they get moved.

  • Texas Tim

    OK NYPD, sorry, hard to break habits after living 45 years around rednecks here in Lubbock. Will be more careful from now on. But still, I am in shock that Ron is working for the man setting up his fellow Americans and making intel dumps against people who are pushing for change. Maybe he just got so angry at Raw for firing him that he decided to turn against the left. Kinda the opposite of Brock. But, and I hate to admit it, you are probably right. I have spent hours today reading Ron’s tweets, posts, and comments, and I am shocked but your tip is the only thing that makes sense. There is no other reason for his fixation on certain people other than to make his case to the man. I mean, he has no ideology, he has no loyalties, and he is not making any money through his blogging. So you are exactly right, he is getting paid by the cops to provide intel about people, and to stir things up so he can remain relevant and be a honey pot. My oh my, he is a sly dog alright. His Vinnie the Chin/Columbo act had a lot of people fooled. Gotta shake my head one more time…Ron Brynaert, working for the man.

  • Texas Tim

    OK, looks like Ron just confirmed NYPD Blue comments above about him having strong connections to NYPD. Reading Ron’s tweets tonight, it seems oh so clear that Aaron Walker is trying to extort $20,000 from Ron with a blackmail threat and it sho’ looks like Ron has friends at NYPD who are can nail Mr. Walker if they get the order. Ron’s tweets:

    Ron Brynaert ‏ @ronbryn
    If I report $20,000 extortion threat to NYPD it will be backed with proof of how fugitive @Neal_Rauhauser menaces for lulz @OccupyRebellion

    Ron Brynaert ‏ @ronbryn
    ..will compel me to report his extortion threat to NYPD, along with a record of how all his friends helped. Blackmail is a serious crime.

    Ron Brynaert ‏ @ronbryn
    My blackmailer is advised that any allusions to me at all on his blog or twitter regarding crimes, which I agree have been committed by NR

    5h Ron Brynaert ‏ @ronbryn
    I take $20,000 extortion threat extremely seriously, though @stranahan thinks it’s a joke. I hope my blackmailer backs off @CryingWolfeBlog

    5h Ron Brynaert ‏ @ronbryn
    And I just told you I will report it, if my blackmailer carries on with the threats he tried to extort $20,000 from me to stop @Stranahan

    5h Ron Brynaert ‏ @ronbryn
    I answer you honestly but you still duck my questions and mock me. If I’m harassed again by my blackmailer I will def go to NYPD @Stranahan

    5h Ron Brynaert ‏ @ronbryn
    I’d suggest @Patterico etc. look up the NYS law on extortion. Trying to blackmail me for $20,000 is a crime. @Stranahan

    5h Ron Brynaert ‏ @ronbryn
    If I’m menaced, smeared or falsely called criminal by @Patterico @Dust92 or my blackmailer again I’m going straight to the NYPD. @Stranahan

    5h Ron Brynaert ‏ @ronbryn
    leaked emails and contributed to his lawsuit, they are part of an actual criminal conspiracy not an imaginary one. @Patterico @Stranahan

    5h Ron Brynaert ‏ @ronbryn
    I don’t ever plan on emailing or tweeting my blackmailer’s name again but since @Patterico @Prepostericity @Liberty_Chick all… @Stranahan

    5h Ron Brynaert ‏ @ronbryn
    I think my blackmailer was menaced by NR but he committed a major crime. Especially since his lawsuit is full of lies @Patterico @Stranahan

    5h Ron Brynaert ‏ @ronbryn
    Lee, Do you know that extortion is a crime? A pal of @Patterico tried to blackmail me for $20,000 and I might report to police @Stranahan

  • Of course, all of this is my opinion, but I have to concur generally on all of this about Brynaert:

    The first thing that tipped me off to his possibly being a CI is that he was accusing others of it in the blessedly few emails we exchanged, he’s a real piece of work (and other forms of crack-laced excretion). What’s interesting is that he uses classic, timeworn methods to bait people into communicating with him, throws a few tidbits of information out there and waits. One of the easiest ways to shake someone down for information is to get them angry or despondent, to instill fear in them also works wonders, not that I do the latter two myself, I go conventional routes or tell a source to put up or shut up, never this borderline (as far as we know) method of his that smacks of undue pressure, call it what you want. CIs are constantly engaging in projection, it’s what they do.

    The best antidote is not to respond or to interact with him in any capacity, block him, retraining order, whatever it takes, don’t interact, let him fade into the shadows of whatever Bronx shithole neighborhood he slithered out of.

    He seems like a stellar case of a journalist (I’m not one, by the way) who got in way too deep at some point in the game, maybe even outside of the profession itself, and he reminds me a lot of Jason Leopold in that sense. Some of these people will literally do anything to get the information for a story. Besides past run-ins with the NYPD, I could see him working sources from them and getting snared in a web, stupidly thinking they won’t use him up one day, like they’ve done with countless CIs who aren’t as ruthless as they are. I’m hoping that’s the case with Roy. This clown deserves a book on himself one day, and he’s likely to get it.

    In my case he posted emails from the DC Madam case (I was on the defense for a time as a researcher, I crossed paths with Rawstory during it, when he was exec. editor) online between Larisa Alexandrovna and Palfrey that pertained to me! That one’s a long story, but Palfrey was setting people off against one another (Roy might take a few lessons from her subtle actions)to keep them away from parts of her story that were inculpatory, would point towards guilt, and I was one target initially.

    Anyway, he was baiting Alexandrovna and Rawstory with that, and probably me, I found it accidentally doing a fact check on something totally unrelated. I believe Alexandrovna responded to him on the thread too, under an avatar, fine, works for me, I would too in their situation. Let’s just say that he made comments in emails to me that indirectly related to the lawsuit against him and that they may or may not indicate he cannot play nice in the workplace. Of course, one would never get this from his interactions online (I jest).

    He’s got nothing with the assertions of blackmail above or he would have gone to NYPD already and filed charges. That’s intimidation and undue pressure on his part, but if he’s a CI he’s knows nothing will happen to him–like Bill Bastone who leaked an unsigned warrant-affidavit in Palfrey’s case, the very first story on it, creating the scandal in the process. Either Bastone and Brynaert are police assets (fine to a point, but there’s a line) or CIs, if you see any difference, it’s probably marginal. Ronnie’s running a puppet show and he’s being found out, people tired of him long ago from what I can tell.

    My first question, however, was: “How does this guy support himself in NYC without a real job now?” There has been talk that he and Rawstory had a settlement over some incident(s) he was party to, that he was paid-out to leave, which if true says it all about him. But who would know. I searched online dockets and have yet to find a suit between him and Rawstory, and that leads me to believe this is perhaps happening out of court. To be sure, I hope that they win against him if what’s being bandied about online even has a kernel of truth to it. If he’s a CI, there’s a whole slew of other issues to contend with. Based on his behaviors and mindset, I have to personally conclude that he’s an informant, he fits the bill, like William O’ Neal (the Fred Hampton job) or any number of off-kilter individuals who got themselves into those situations and roles.

    He shows a relentless tendency to manipulate and intimidate people he targets, or even who cross paths with him, such as myself. My personal opinion is that he’s deeply disturbed and that civil society is gradually tiring of him and his playing around with the lives of others. The other thing is that he’s probably outlived his usefulness now that his cover’s been blown, and either way, CI or a nutty bunny, it’s blown for good. You cannot unring a bell.

    Here’s to his defeat at the hands of Rawstory. If he’s a provocateur, he’s a dud who’s being thrown away, because if it’s established with absolute certainty that he is, it won’t be forgotten by anyone. There’s a reason for secrecy in the CI programs in the US. It’s the Holy of Holies of law enforcement in flatfoot nation.

  • Texas Tim

    Hey Matt, thanks for joining in the discussion, especially from someone who has had direct dealings with Ron. What is funning is watching Ron make an utter fool of himself, saying that I am someone I am not, someone I don’t even know and never communicated with. In fact, it’s crazy how people like Ron think they know who everyone is. But I guess he knows you, which is good because then he won’t accused you of being someone else. Ron needs to come on down to Lubbock because we dont take kindly to false accusations.

    But I do agree that if Mr. Walker is threatening Ron with extortion involving sums of money, he needs to report that as a crime. Mr. Walker appears to be a dangerous individual so my suggestion to Ron is don’t mess around with threats. Report them to both NYPD and to the cops where Mr. Walker lives in Virginia. I heard that those Virginia cops don’t play around. They will bust Mr. Walker in a heartbeat if they get evidence that he is trying to extort people.

  • Roy is a very sick puppy and soon to be out of commission from all kinds of directions, and he’s done it all to himself. That’s just it: if a crime’s been committed where Brynaert was a victim of extortion, I would agree, go to the police. My opinion is that he’s pressuring them. If he’s an informant, it’s all about disruption. I’m sitting back with the popcorn on this one. You know, I bumped into him online very casually, like I wrote, fact-checking my DC Madam account since Rawstory was part of my experiences surrounding that. He begs so many questions that a lot of it has to be projection on his part. How do we know he’s telling the truth about Walker? I have to admit to being a disinterested bystander in all things Roy.

    Additionally, we have no idea who NYPD Blue is or why Roy won’t come around here to respond. My feeling is that this is telling and could give credence to NYPD Blue’s claims, but I’d prefer seeing some actual primary documentation on that count, I welcome it, put that baby out there for all to see if that’s the case.

    Does it really matter if Brynaert is a nutty police snitch? Not really, he may as well be one the way he’s acting. You have to assume he lost his job at Rawstory for a good reason too, besides some other allegations of sociopathic behavior when he was managing one of the Kim’s Video outlets in NYC–but that’s only alleged. His behavior online is what’s important, and I felt it wasn’t exactly harassment, but it was pretty close. He also made some rather bizarre sexual comments that aren’t all that different from some of his ugliest tweets. His behavior is without a doubt antisocial, which says it all, avoid at all costs, never entertain their bullshit for one moment, and report them if they don’t go away.

    He injects himself into all kinds of things that he literally has no business with, and he’s no longer a journalist, on that NYPD Blue was only stating the obvious, he’s over. Does he still have a press club card? That would seem to be unlikely. The lawsuit against him from Rawstory–where is it in the public docket? It’s not online in my searchers yet. I saw that he did do some writing for a few outlets after he left Rawstory, for a few months…then nothing. You think they got tired of his paranoid bullshit or that he’s an asshole? You think? Really? Really? ;0) He’s a funny little man, pop some popcorn and sit back, review it, comment on it, that’s our right.

    Look at him injecting himself into the O’ Keefe quagmire–why? What does he have to do with it at all? Note how he also tags Nadia Naffe, really anyone within spitting distance, nutty. When I was involved in the DC Madam story it was at least by invitation, Palfrey wanted my help with research.

    I should also add: perhaps it’s a function of Gmail, but when I blocked Brynaert all of his communications to me vanished. Dunno.

    Best part: before I blocked him he kept attempting to make it appear that while he was essentially harassing me, that I was the one doing it. That’s not only pretty sick, it’s telling, so perhaps he’s disintegrating, he acts like it. I’ve shown uninterested journalists his online scribblings and they stated: “He must be one of the top ten loons on the Internet.” Believe me, I refuse to communicate with Roy, he’s a problem whether Mr. Walker is an extortionist or not. Maybe they both are, not that I ultimately care. What I do care about is people in OWS and other progressive groups being hoodwinked into talking to this guy at all, although that appears to be too late, so be it.

    So, NYPD Blue, anyone out there: let’s clear this police informant allegation up, inquiring minds want to know, have a right to. If he’s not that’s a pretty rotten allegation. If it’s true, we have a big problem.

  • PS: No problem, and thank you as well. I’ve been studying informant programs for over two decades now, this is of great interest to me because it’s a threat to social peace and the rule of law.

  • 0zr0.ICU

    “Texas Tim”, “admin” and “NYPD Blue” is the same guy talking to himself. BRETT KIMBERLIN, you’re an amateur puzzlemaker.