In another case against John “Patterico” Frey by the prestigious law firm of Leiderman and Devine, a claim for damages against Los Angeles County and John “Patterico” Frey was filed with the county of Los Angeles on April 20th 2012. The case is about how Frey has abused another individual by the name of Nadia Naffe on his website.


The case surrounds the treatment of Nadia Naffe on Patterico’s blog on or about March 2012 when Frey started digging into Nadia Naffe and ginning up Frey’s supporters to attack her.

Patrick Frey has long been accused of using his blog and his office as a way to build or maintain his credibility as an on and off hours journalist. Some people say that he is in fact using the power of his office to go after minorities, left wingers, and anyone else he doesn’t like. In other words, Frey, by the power of his office as an Assistant District Attorney for Los Angeles, supposedly has credibility when it comes to investigating people or making them out to be guilty of various criminal acts or violations of law. As “the people” we depend on prosecutors to defend us when victimized by criminals. We do not however expect them to go out and run a mini-vigilante group of dedicated followers to go after people that a prosecutor doesn’t happen to like or agree with. In the case of Frey, he seems to use his power and his blog to go after anyone that steps up against him. We here at BU were recently accused by Frey of being suspects under some sort of investigation after we were tweeting about him. He doesn’t say what investigation, he just puts that out there and people tend to believe him since he is a prosecutor. This gives him leeway in being able to lie to people or obfuscate the truth when it suits him and few would question it. Not long ago BU was tweeting about another issue and Frey interjected himself into the tweet telling those we were tweeting to that we were suspects:

This is the kind of behavior that Patrick Frey loves. In another case, Mike Stack at the Cryingwolfe blog was swatted and Frey told Stack an outright lie that he also had been swatted by an unknown individual on or about the same time that Mike Stack’s family was swatted. Later it came to be known as another long list of lies by Patrick Frey which are now being revealed over at Stack’s blog. In the case of Nadia Naffe, Frey opened her up to public scrutiny on his blog when she started releasing information that she had James O’Keefe‘s emails which included over 7 years of O’Keefe’s behind the scenes activity on Project Veritas. O’Keefe, being a friend of Frey’s literally went livid when Naffe left O’Keefe over his nefarious activities and took with her over 7 years of email traffic that O’Keefe had downloaded on one of her personal devices. At this point Frey launched an all out assault on Miss Naffe on his Patterico blog. Miss Naffe responded that she would seek to file a complaint against Frey using her civil rights to complain about such treatment, and at that point Frey decided to literally destroy her. Some portions of this complaint listed below:



This is part and parcel of how Mr. Patrick Frey at operates. If you come up against him then you are dealt with vigilante style. If you try and post anything negative about him that causes him concern you are dealt with in a similar fashion. This is vigilante justice via Patrick Frey and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. Because all of Frey’s power is derived through his work, and even though he states on his blog and on his twitter feed that he posts as a private individual, he still derives power from his office. The key here is what type of private individual he claims to be while posting and tweeting? If he were some average schmo on the internet he would be just like the rest of the average every day bloggers out there trying to rise up against the noise of the internet. His credibility would also be like anyone else too; subject to criticism and question. However, since he is an Assistant District Attorney, people in his orbit tend to put more weight behind what he says. It is this “weight” that gives him a higher form of credibility in the public sphere.

If he calls someone a suspect, then you are a suspect even though he is lying about it. If you are someone he dislikes, then he can pounce on you at will and destroy your life just because he doesn’t like you. And because people think he is credible that makes whatever he says to people online and off more factual. It is the same as if the police told you that a suspect lives next door to you, you would believe it because they are supposed to be above and beyond reproach. The same applies for a prosecutor. If he says Nadia Naffe is not credible or has issues, then people will tend to believe him over Nadia Naffe. Same applies for his associations with people like Aaron Justin Walker. If he gives Aaron a clean bill of health then anything Aaron Walker says is to be believed over and above anyone else who challenges him; be it in court or on some public blog. The ultimate goal is power over others, and Patrick Frey believes he has the power to destroy anyone and everyone that gets in his way. So far he has gotten away with it. However this power landscape has now started to change. Enter Leiderman & Devine LLP.

After talking with Jay Leiderman today I came away with the impression that Frey’s days are numbered. Jay Leiderman claimed that serious attorneys are about business and not about posting case information on blogs or trying people in public. Real attorneys he said are about “the business at hand and not about juvenile antics and childish behavior on blogs.” In this case I believe Jay is a very serious individual. Not only that, I came away with the impression that he and his firm of Leiderman and Devine LLP are serious ass kickers when it comes to being court. And because of that I think Frey’s days are numbered as an Assistant District Attorney. Another thing I came away with after talking with Jay was that if you had a case that needed a serious litigator and one who kicks literal ass for breakfast lunch and dinner, then one should contact Jay about their case, because he will literally save your ass or die trying. Now that is as serious as it gets. If you are in need, call Jay at (805) 654-0200 for serious ass kicking ball busting legal representation. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with him. If I was in need he would be the first person I called.

More to come…