This is the completed version of the backdoor operations plan that James O’Keefe and Project Veritas launched against CNN and Abbie Boudreau.


As you can plainly see above this is how the right wing operates. They hatch plans and operations designed to get maximum exposure, even though they are all based on lies and or manufactured stories they create. This is exactly how they operate behind the scenes. And it is no joke that they hatch plans like this every day of the week. Message to the left, keep up your guard.


More James O’Keefe  and Project Veritas stuff to come…


  • Unreal

    Please send this to the IRS non-profit section with a complaint, as an example of what Project Fuckup is doing with their non-profit designation and their cash.

    Shirley Sherrod’s lawyers could probably use it too. And Mr. Ramos, the naturalized US citizen they smeared, along with the former ACORN employee suing O’Keefe, and on and on.