Breaking news, Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law failed to show up for his peace order court hearing this morning in a Maryland courthouse. Instead of showing up and making his case, I guess he decided that he has no case and just avoided the court altogether. Well, he lost the first round this morning and a new Peace order has been issued against him. Sources close to the case claim that the Judge was incredulous that Mr.Walker was before him again on a new Peace Order case filed by the same person who filed the last one. According to sources, the Judge in the case was not impressed with Mr. Walker’s continued harassment of Mr. Brett Kimberlin on Twitter and Blogs. He ordered that Mr. Walker stay away from the plaintiff and not continue his online harassment activities. Of course Mr. Walker has gone over the edge in harassing Brett Kimberlin on Twitter and on his blog. So much so that I don’t believe any court order will stop him. He has become so deranged that I think he now wants to be jailed for contempt to gin up more media coverage on him so he can be seen as this lonely blogger placed in jail over liberals violating his rights to free speech. The last guy that tried that in this case was Seth Allen, he also tried the exact same thing. He literally begged the court to jail him while trying to gin up press coverage on him. But sadly no press were in attendance because no one cared about him. At any rate, Mr. Walker failed to show up this morning to state his case which he blogged about last night. So the next step is for criminal harassment charges to be laid the minute he violates the Peace Order issued this morning in a Maryland court. I am sure that Mr. Walker cares not about the justice system these days, for he is on a vigilante crusade to destroy one man, and one way or the other Mr. Walker will attempt to get his vigilante justice, the courts be damned.

  • Texas Tim

    WTF. But Walker was complaining about the Maryland Judicial System on Twitter which will not make him any friends when he goes back in there. Sounds like the judge was gunning for him and he gave the judge more ammo.

  • dananjcon

    You’re a pathetic loser. The video at Aarons place proves you’re a lieing scumbag. And you’re nasty criminal history does nothing for you’re defense. A murderous sicko such as yourself has a special place waiting for them in hell. ENJOY!

  • Walker is less clear to me than McCain. I knew RSM because Southern Poverty Law Center reading. This guy seems crazy, spewign hate nonstop. He’d be another Waco compound federal agent shooter type if McCain wasn’t out on the street.

  • Texas Tim

    Hey dahanjcon, Thanks for joining the discussion. Check out the vid carefully. Walker is the aggressor, the man following them out of the courtroom went back in for help, two people came out and then the security personnel came and took the iPad away from Walker. According to your analysis, Walker didn’t take the iPad because that is not shown on the video which has frames every 2 seconds. But we know for a fact that he took the iPad.

  • Shane Fite

    I am not a juror in this case so by definition I have not seen all the admissible evidence. Having said that Mr. Kimberlin has made two very serious legal mistakes here. First he has allowed his own decades-old convictions to be re-entered into multiple current court records. That can contribute to a number of adverse consequences as this case continues to unfold. Second, there are multiple places in court transcripts that do not coincide with the activity in the video outside the courtroom. Consequently it is now much easier for journals, blogs, new outlets and future court proceedings to use a lot of information that was previously unusable.
    Also this blog could benefit from the inclusion of a lot more links and documentation to substantiate some of the claims made.
    Shane Fite

  • Yo Momma

    You’re a psycopath, dude. I’m no psychologist, but there’s something wrong with you that you’d think these posts would be taken seriously and not sound like a crazy person writing about himself. We can tell. Get better before you end up destroying any other people’s lives. Like that guy who killed himself after you blew off his leg. The one whose widow you owe all the money to.

  • richard mcenroe

    Hey Aaron, fuck that Peace Order. They don’t have any jurisdiction over you in Virginia and there is nothing they can do if you continue to carry your weapons. If I were you, I wouldn’t even show up for the next hearing. Fuck it, that’s what he wants, so he can humiliate you and pull your chain. Don’t play his game and don’t spend another 7K on a lawyer. Those Peace Orders are not worth the paper they are printed on. He is abusing the system because you are participating.

  • Texas Tim

    Now Aaron is complaining about abuse of the legal process but didn’t he file a 66 million dollar lawsuit against Kimberlin and a reporter accusing them of outing and defaming him for writing a Muslim Hating Blog. That is abuse. And why the heck isn’t Aaron telling everyone that he is the publisher of that hate blog. And why are people like Herman Cain supporting Walker and Robert McCain on Twitter unless Cain hates Muslims and loves the KKK. Down here in Lubbock, we put people like Aaron on the pay me no mind list.