In another strange and weird post from the mentally deranged Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law, Mr. Walker channels Princess Leia from Star Wars by writing last night on his blog a post that quotes Princess Leia saying to Commander Tarkin:  “The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.” Someone needs to alert Mr. Walker that Princess Leia was part of the Rebel Alliance and not with the right wing Emperor and Darth Vader. Mr. Walker, who is an extremist right wing Attorney at Law, and who claims on his blog that he is right of center, would place him with the Emperor and Darth Vader and not the lefty liberal Rebel Alliance. Mr. Walker has in the past channeled Beldar from the Rebel Alliance as well in some of his posts in which one was entitled “It’s A Trap.” Mr. Walker seems lost in Star Wars mythology and yet seems very confused as to which side of the grass he is actually on. Let me clue you in Mr. Walker: The Rebel Alliance was a left leaning liberal organization that was dedicated to destroying the right wing empire of the Emperor and Darth Vader, who were also like today’s Tea Party republicans which you claim you are a part of. Unless of course you are a closeted liberal and masquerading as one of the Storm Troopers, Commander Tarkin or Darth Vader. Get a clue Walker. Choose a side and stay on it.