Following up on the right wing extremist Robert Stacy McCain’s booting from his compound. McCain who had been living under a rock out in the Maryland countryside was recently booted from his church compound over what he claims was having to find safety for his family from non-profit activist Brett Kimberlin. McCain, never the one to tell anyone the truth, claims that he was forced from his home yesterday evening in a bid to escape Brett Kimberlin’s supposed violent past, all the while claiming he was threatened by Kimberlin, and had to seek an emergency evacuation from his church compound before the activist Kimberlin could violently attack him. Of course this fabricated story is the type made for McCain and his right wing racist friends, as well as his new BFF Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law, who is also in a Maryland court this morning facing the non-profit activist Brett Kimberlin over another Peace Order that Mr. Kimberlin filed over the weekend against Mr. Walker. After the break we have the full uncut version of the story.


The spin from McCain and the right wingers who support his racist writings consider a phone call to church leaders a threat. According to sources close to the investigation, Brett Kimberlin, exercising his rights as a citizen of the United States of America, called the leaders of the church that Stacy attends, and in which Stacy lives at, to inquire why he was being targeted by McCain. He also asked them to inquire further what they could do to get Mr. McCain to end his attacks on Mr. Kimberlin. McCain of course tells a different story. According to my sources the church leaders claimed to Mr. Kimberlin after reading several Google entries about McCain’s racism and hatred, that this is NOT what the church was about in its teachings. The church leaders seemed shocked that they had someone of McCain’s background living at their compound and attacking an honest non-profit organization as well as other victims that McCain has attacked on his blog over a long period of time while living on church property: which I might add exposed the church to legal liability.

An opinion floating around the blog-sphere  is that the church quickly realized that their mission in life as well as their teachings about how to live ones life was important to them, and that Robert Stacy McCain had worn out his welcome on their property because of his past vocal racist rants online. One imagines him storming out like he did when he was basically shown the door at the Washington Times when it cleaned house of all the racists who had accumulated there, which caused circulation to drop over their continued racist articles in which many were written by McCain himself. In this case the church seems to have taken proactive steps to protect themselves from legal liability when it came to McCain using their property to spread hate, lies, and disinformation over the years. Of course I think an easy Google search would show that this isn’t the first time that McCain has been in trouble or complained on at the church, and it may have been one of those one more time and your out deals.

Of course I want to think he went out screaming and hollering about his 1st Amendment rights and all that, which is a common rallying call from extremist right wingers who live to fight and offend people online. Either way I love how McCain tried to spin it, as if a small non-profit activist who uses the courts to protect himself would somehow threaten the large and very vocal Robert Stacy McCain and cause him to flee his home for the safety of his family. Of course its also about getting sued and Stacy knows it. He had placed the church in a very sticky legal situation, and I commend the church for taking quick steps to rid themselves of such a racist stink bomb as Robert Stacy McCain. McCain had quickly relocated last night claiming in a post that he was on his way to Vanuatu or some such destination. However I find this highly unlikely. More to the truth he probably moved in with family members who live in the same area, as McCain was only offline for a very short time after he left the compound, and was quickly seen posting again on his blog and on twitter most of the night.

The story is being ginned up to gain a major news organization to follow it. The right wingers have been tweeting every minute for the last week trying to gin up interest in Brett Kimberlin who they have vowed to destroy. So this is just another ploy to gain more interest, and of course be able to claim that they are all being attacked and silenced by liberals, which is a common refrain from right wing extremists who feel they are not being allowed to have a voice, and that others, including liberals, are working hard to suppress their free speech rights.


I am sure we will hear more of this story as it goes on.