After Robert Stacy McCain was booted from his church compound last night, he started tweeting about getting his guns. The rest of his extremist pals also chimed in claiming that they too are getting their guns out in reference to their increased attacks against the non-profit Velvet Revolution which is run by Brett Kimberlin and Brad Freidman. The recent weeks long twitter and blog attacks by the right wingers against Velvet Revolution and Brett Kimberlin have now stepped up their twitter attacks to an all time high. More after the break.

It is interesting the level of hate that is out there against one guy, and all being generated by Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law, who has claimed that Brett Kimberlin “Must Pay”

That is quite the statement coming from these right wing extremists. Mr. Walker also claims that he too has weapons, and will use them.

This is how the Tea Party acts when they are caught red handed with their hands in the cookie jar. They go gin up people to attack one guy mob style, all the while framing him as some violent criminal that needs to be dealt with. They claim its all about getting justice for some perceived injustice that happened to them first.

Liberals beware, strange days ahead..