Seth Allen finally speaks truth to power on his own. After several years of playing both sides against the middle for whatever Allen can get out of it, be it news or TV shows or a call from some media titan to book him a show, Seth Allen finally tells the truth about what he sees that has been going on for a long time in the blog wars over Brett Kimberlin and Allen’s view about the right wing hoaxing people out of their money. Yes friends and neighbors it is true, the right wingers have happened upon a story that they created out of thin air just to fleece the sheep out of their hard earned cash. Its a story made for Television, but relegated to the constant drone of twitter feeds and blog posts. The reason the story stays in that atmosphere is because the story is a hoax, a prank, a bullshit story made up or created to fleece those who would be willing and or able to foot the bill for those who desire to profit from it. What else did you expect?