BU Informs Incoming LA County District Attorney About ADA Frey’s Extracurricular Activities — on Taxpayer’s Dime


As Editor of Breitbart Unmasked, and as a concerned citizen of the United States of America who hates seeing taxpayer money spent on things the taxpayer shouldn’t have to pay for, I have just sent an e-mail to the newly-elected District Attorney of Los Angeles County.

She will receive the e-mail on Dec. 3, her first day as District Attorney.

Jackie Lacey made history on Nov. 6, 2012, when she became the first African American and first woman to be elected Los Angeles County district attorney. The Democrat defeated Republican rival Alan Jackson by a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent. “I think the significance [of my election]is that it may inspire other women and certainly African Americans and other minorities to seek a career in law enforcement,” Lacey told the Los Angeles Times. She will officially enter the history books on Dec. 3, 2012, when she’s sworn in as D.A.

Here is my e-mail, which I will also send through the official DA Contact Form on the website.

December 1, 2012

Jacqueline Lacey
Incoming District Attorney for Los Angeles County
210 W Temple St Ste 18-109
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Dear Mrs. Lacey:

First of all, congratulations on your resounding 10 point victory in your election over your GOP opponent Mr. Jackson.  I know, given your history, that you will run a clean office and restore the public’s faith in the prosecution of offenders in LA County.

As you assume your new duties on Monday, I feel you should be aware of at least one of your assistant DA’s and his connection with what I believe I have proven is an ongoing attempt to defraud right wing bloggers by one of your soon-to-be assistant DAs.

Patrick Frey, who also blogs under the name “Patterico Pontificates” has been working very closely with elements of the Andrew Breitbart publishing empire, as well as disgraced Virginia attorney Aaron Walker in an attempt to separate people from their money by falsely claiming that Walker lost his as compliance counsel with a Home Health Service agency in Virginia because of “terrorist threats” by an individual named Brett Kimberlin, convicted of being the so-called “Speedway Bomber” in the 1970s, along with a number of other crimes for which he was paroled in 2001.

Long story short, ADA Frey has blogged and tweeted on Government time as he conspired with Walker and Mandy Nagy, writer for Breitbart.com, to fabricate, exaggerate and lie about Kimberlin’s involvement in Walker’s firing.  Frey and Walker know each other as Walker was once a blogger with Frey’s ultra right wing, some might say “Islamophobic,” “Patterico Pontificates” blog.  Walker became involved in a civil case between Kimberlin and Chad Allen, another blogger who felt it was “his duty” to inform the world about that which they already knew concerning Kimberlin’s conviction.  Walker was blogging under the alias, “Aaron Worthing,” but when Kimberlin became aware that a lawyer named Worthing was helping Allen on a pro-bono basis, he did what anyone would do — attempt to learn the identity of the lawyer who was anonymously helping his opponent.

Walker had a good reason not to want to be exposed. He was operating an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” blog with the intent of inflaming the American Muslim Community with blasphemous drawings of the prophet, “the more fatwa-worthy, the better,” he wrote.  When Kimberlin announced he was aware of “Worthing’s” true identity, Walker wrote to his human resources department and claimed that the company was about to be beset upon by a vindictive terrorist Kimberlin.  The company retained an outside lawyer who dispensed of Mr. Walker’s services, not so much because of the fear of “terror” as the fact that Walker was blogging on company time, letting company work go undone, leaving company litigation in a state of disarray and not caring about the safety of his fellow employees.  Walker had his Federal Complaint against Kimberlin dismissed by a respected Federal judge last Wednesday — before the case had even reached the discovery phase. The judge denied Kimberlin’s request for sanctions against Walker and his right wing attorney Dan Backer, but made it very clear that the bringing of a similar case against Kimberlin “may result in sanctions.”  On Dec. 4, the same thing is likely to happen to Walker’s complaint against Kimberlin in a Prince William County, Virginia court.

Your ADA Frey has been very busy in his assistance of Walker’s attempts to destroy a man who has lived a blameless life since being paroled. Kimberlin now works as a civil rights advocate. Frey is certainly free to advocate whatever positions he wishes to advocate.  But as you will see, a large amount of his e-mailing of his advice to Walker and conspiracy with Walker and Nagy was done on the LA County Taxpayer’s dime.

This is from a blog post I posted Saturday:

(Then, I included the contents of this link… http://www.breitbartunmasked.com/latest-news/la-county-assistant-district-attorney-patrick-frey-engaged-in-personal-e-mails-on-government-time/)

At any rate, I know this is a lot to digest, especially as you prepare to take on your new office.  Again, congratulations and it is great to see that the office will once again be run by a progressive.  I just can’t help but think that the taxpayers of LA County would be better served to have a DA’s office that does not employ ADA’s who prosecute people out of their jurisdiction on the taxpayer’s time and expense.

Best of luck, and if I can provide any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me

Bill Schmalfeldt
Breitbart Unmasked
The Patriot-Ombudsman

Let’s hope Frey does the right thing and resigns, rather than wait to be fired.

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