UPDATE x3 — MAN HANDED ASS IN MANASSAS — Aaron Walker’s Case Against Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser and Ron Bryneart TOSSED OUT!


Despite all the bluster. Despite all the right wing hubris. Despite all the mocking and taunting from self-professed experts like W.J.J. Hoge. Despite the thousands upon thousands of dollars that have been raised to harass Maryland peace activist Brett Kimberlin, a Prince William County Judge in Manassas, Virginia, today dismissed all charges filed by blogger/attorney Aaron Walker, known on his blog as Aaron Worthing.

The word comes from various tweets from people at the scene. The decision was not unexpected.

Last week, a Federal Judge in Maryland dismissed all charges against Kimberlin before the case could even reach the discovery process.

We await word on the actual reasons Judge Potter gave for the dismissal, but — barring an expensive appeal — this likely will be the end of the long-running legal battle between Brett Kimberlin and Aaron Walker.


UPDATE I – Judge Potter also threw out Walker’s case against Ron Brynaert and Neal Rauhauser as co-defendants.  This is certainly not the outcome the hubris-laden right wing noise machine had predicted, with blog post and tweet after blog post and tweet about what a long afternoon this would be, with all the motions Walker had filed that needed to be addressed by the court.  The court thought otherwise.  According to an eyewitness, Judge Potter called Walker’s case “…a political hit job.”

UPDATE II — According to an eyewitness who reported to Breitbart Unmasked, the judge was not kind to the Walker side in his dismissal of their charges. He dismissed on venue and on all counts. According to the judge, Walker and his attorney, Dan Backer, failed to state a claim, failed on every count they alleged. The eyewitness said a large contingent of Walker’s right wing blogger buddies were on the scene to hear the judge read them the riot act. Judge Potter was not impressed with any of it. Claimed it was a political issue and not an issue for the court. Kimberlin spoke in calm and reasonable terms. Spent 20 minutes discussing the case. Backer spent 5 minutes or so trying to argue venue. Kimberlin talked about how Walker had lost his job on his own and how Kimberlin was not involved in any of that. Business Conspiracy was moot since Walker had not proven the elements of that statute. Extortion not allowed in this settlement, nor is defamation. Judge hammered them on every count, took almost 30 minutes to read the opinion. “This is a political and religious battle and he wasn’t going to into that..

Ultimately, the judge ruled that Kimberlin has a right to his first amendment speech and can speak about events. Agreed with all arguments that Kimberlin made in his motion to dismiss.

UPDATE III — Right Wing Spin Begins! In his “The Other McCain” column, R. Stacy McCain seems to be hinting at collusion between the judge and Kimberlin, saying that the judge took a 10 minute break after hearing arguments, then came back with a decision that obviously took more than 10 minutes to write.

In other words, the judge’s decision was written in advance of the hearing.

No shit, Sherlock! This is the 21st Century. We have e-mail, fax machines and stuff like that now. Judge Potter no doubt knew about the Maryland Federal Judge’s dismissal of the case. He already HAD the motions to read. He probably DID make up his mind earlier and the hearing today was to see if anyone was going to say anything to change his mind. Obviously, nobody did, so rather than waste any more time on a bullshit case, he read his opinion.


And Walker?



This is breaking news that will be updated as details come in.

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