Man Child Ali Akbar Goes For Another Round

Abused man-child Ali Akbar has been threatening for weeks to lay siege to his enemy Brett Kimberlin. So it is no surprise that he and his usual band of idiots and RWNJ’s get RWNJ Michele Malkin to post another round of they are being threatened, hacked etc etc (the same threats they used last year) to inflame, incite and or abuse their fellow RWNJ’s into donating to their cause to shut down their enemy. Of course this was the same bullshit they used last year, and while it gained them some money: which all went into the pockets of friends and associates and others who were supposedly victimized, eventually the narrative was exposed as fake, false and phony. Now once again its time for more Brett Kimberlin bashing and fundraising while doing it. It is “Everyone is Brett Kimberlin” month. And of course please donate to the National Bloggers Club as is per usual when the puny small minded folks who congregate around man-child Ali Akbar and company get their “we need cash” hats on. When will people learn? Ali Akbar is a convicted thief and felon. Why on earth do people feel like they need to give this man their money is literally amazing. But I guess stupid people are born every day right along with the suckers who are born every minute. So it looks like Ali Akbar has found his calling as a man who loves to fleece the gullible sheep.


  • TexasTim

    Ali is making shit up again. My guess, based on what I have been told about the swattings, is that Lee Stranahan created this #WAR and had the same person who did the swattings call up Bobby McKeys and pretend to be Neal and Brett. Jeez, Ali thinks everyone is so stupid after what he tried to pull last year.

    I’m sure that people are calling, but they are from organizations such as the Nation of Islam, NOW, Occupy and the Black Panthers. These are just a few of the organizations my wife has contacted. She decided to take off next week from her work at the firm to rally against Blog Bash. She and I are planning on flying to Washington DC to add our voices to the protest.

  • TexasTim

    OK, this is getting good. We are about to see the convergence of Occupy, Anonymous, the Black Panthers, Code Pink, NOW, the Nation of Islam and other activist groups protest against BlogBash. People are getting tired of intolerance, hate and lies and they are not going to put up with it any more. This protest is going to wrap Ali and his band of haters into a tidy little package and expose them for the world to see.

    This is good against evil in full view of the world and good will win. Bobby McKeys will be shown to be a nasty, nasty establishment undeserving of the patronage of good Americans. Who wants to start a website telling Americans just who Bobby McKeys let use their facility to foment hate, to start #WAR, and to rally crazies to arm themselves against peaceful protesters? Bobby McKeys is supporting pornographers, fraudsters, liars, felons, Islamophobes, rape justifiers, and other scum of the earth.

    Boycott Bobby McKeys now. Leaflet Bobby McKeys now. Placard Bobby McKeys now. Social Media Bobby McKeys now. Contact patrons of Bobby McKeys and tell them they are supporting women haters, child abusers, and pimps. Bobby McKeys has shown that it will host the KKK and Terry Jones, Pol Pot, and Kim Jong-il as long as they will pay the fee for the room. A business without a conscience does not deserve to stay in business. If Bobby McKeys wants to hate on Muslims, he has that right, but he does not have the right to stay in business. Join the economic boycott and peaceful protest against BobbyMcKeys.

  • Liberal Grouch

    In the meantime, thanks to all for your Words of support. I’m here with my mom now. She’s over in her room and I’m in mine. I have my phone by my head so if things take a turn in the night I can get right over there. I’m in the same building she is pretty much. And I wouldn’t be doing this without your kindness and your support and your gentle prodding. Thank you for being my friends. And to the haters? Coldness.

  • TexasTim

    Bill’s mother just passed away at 82. Bill has advanced Parkinsons. Aaron Walker knows this and yet just last week he filed criminal charges against Bill and asked for Peace Order against him, both falsely premised on harassment charges. The gall, the hypocrisy and the palpable meanness of Aaron Justin Walker on display for the world.

    What normal and decent human being would do that? None. Only a sociopath along the lineage of a Wayne Gacy or Josef Mengele, or a brutal dictator like Pol Pot or Kim Jong-il.

    Mr. Walker, everyone, including you, knows the story of Ebenezer Scrooge but let’s review:
    The tale begins on a “cold, bleak, biting” Christmas Eve exactly seven years after the death of Ebenezer Scrooge’s business partner Jacob Marley. Scrooge is established within the first chapter as “a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner!” who has no place in his life for kindness, compassion, charity or benevolence. He hates Christmas, calling it “humbug,” refuses his nephew Fred’s dinner invitation, and rudely turns away two gentlemen who seek a donation from him to provide a Christmas dinner for the Poor. His only “Christmas gift” is allowing his overworked, underpaid clerk Bob Cratchit Christmas Day off with pay – which he does only to keep with social custom, Scrooge considering it “a poor excuse for picking a man’s pocket every twenty-fifth of December!”
    Returning home that evening, Scrooge is visited by Marley’s ghost. Dickens describes the apparition thus – “Marley’s face … had a dismal light about it, like a bad lobster in a dark cellar.” It has a bandage under its chin, tied at the top of its head; “… how much greater was his horror, when the phantom taking off the bandage round its head, as if it were too warm to wear indoors, its lower jaw dropped down upon its breast!”
    Marley warns Scrooge to change his ways lest he undergo the same miserable afterlife as himself. Scrooge is then visited by three additional ghosts—each in its turn, and each visit detailed in a separate chapter—who accompany him to various scenes with the hope of achieving his transformation.
    The first of the spirits, the Ghost of Christmas Past, takes Scrooge to Christmas scenes of his boyhood and youth, which stir the old miser’s gentle and tender side by reminding him of a time when he was more innocent. They also show what made Scrooge the miser that he is, and why he dislikes Christmas.
    The second spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Present, takes Scrooge to several differing scenes – a joy-filled market of people buying the makings of Christmas dinner, the celebration of Christmas in a miner’s cottage, and a lighthouse. A major part of this stave is taken up with the family feast of Scrooge’s impoverished clerk Bob Cratchit, introducing his youngest son, Tiny Tim, who is seriously ill but cannot receive treatment due to Scrooge’s unwillingness to pay Cratchit a decent wage. The spirit and the miser also visit Scrooge’s nephew’s party.
    The third spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, harrows Scrooge with dire visions of the future. These include Tiny Tim’s death as well as scenes related to Scrooge’s own death including a conversation among business associates who will only attend the funeral if lunch is provided. Scrooge’s charwoman Mrs. Dilber, Scrooge’s laundress, and the undertaker steal some of Scrooge’s belongings and sell them to a fence named Old Joe. Scrooge’s own neglected and untended grave is then revealed, prompting the miser to aver that he will change his ways in hopes of changing these “shadows of what may be.”

    Aaron Justin Walker is a modern day Ebenezer Scrooge. Bill Schmalfeldt is Aaron Walker’s Tiny Tim. Aaron Walker, everyone around sees what you are and what you have become, and we are all your ghosts of Christmas Future. May God have no mercy on you.

  • I’ve dropped a link to the petition on this page. Please ask Bobby McKey’s to reconsider hosting this hate group fundraiser.

  • Liberal Grouch

    Mom passed away peacefully at 7 Am central time this morning. I sat by her side as she left. About a half hour before she died, I found an old rosary in her room, one she used to use when we were kids in Clinton Iowa. I wrapped it in her hands so she would have it on her when she died. Less than a half hour later, she took a few struggling breaths, and left. It was as simple and beautiful as that. I was honored to be there for her departure, I will cherish that memory the rest of my life. And to those who want to throw her baby into jail for exercising his rights? I will be back in town on Monday. And I will be back in the saddle on Tuesday. You have a very interesting week ahead of you. Remember my curse. It took effect with her last breath. She breathed her last at 7 AM this morning. When it hits you, you’ll know it. And you will know why. And you will understand my enjoyment.

  • TexasTim

    The curse…radio silence until Bill returns.

  • TexasTim

    Just pulled in to Sulphur Springs, Texas after a long afternoon of driving. And just got a call I’ve been waiting for — countdown to zero hour has begun.

    Wife and I are going to get a good night’s sleep and then hope to make DC by Tuesday. Team Walker’s bad week will be remembered by everyone at BlogBash. He will be cursed because he has been cursed.