Man Child Ali Akbar Goes For Another Round

Abused man-child Ali Akbar has been threatening for weeks to lay siege to his enemy Brett Kimberlin. So it is no surprise that he and his usual band of idiots and RWNJ’s get RWNJ Michele Malkin to post another round of they are being threatened, hacked etc etc (the same threats they used last year) to inflame, incite and or abuse their fellow RWNJ’s into donating to their cause to shut down their enemy. Of course this was the same bullshit they used last year, and while it gained them some money: which all went into the pockets of friends and associates and others who were supposedly victimized, eventually the narrative was exposed as fake, false and phony. Now once again its time for more Brett Kimberlin bashing and fundraising while doing it. It is “Everyone is Brett Kimberlin” month. And of course please donate to the National Bloggers Club as is per usual when the puny small minded folks who congregate around man-child Ali Akbar and company get their “we need cash” hats on. When will people learn? Ali Akbar is a convicted thief and felon. Why on earth do people feel like they need to give this man their money is literally amazing. But I guess stupid people are born every day right along with the suckers who are born every minute. So it looks like Ali Akbar has found his calling as a man who loves to fleece the gullible sheep.