BlogBash2013, Sponsored By SwiftBoat Veterans’ Public Relations Hacks


crc_logo_sm4-300x70It seems fitting on some level that BlogBash 2013 would be sponsored by the public relations firm that handled PR for the SwiftBoat Veterans for Truth billionaires in 2004. Ali Akbar and his gang of thieves do the same thing to their perceived enemies daily, working from the same fundraising and smear blueprint as their sponsor.

Today, National Organization for Marriage called Judge Vaughn Walker a “rogue judge …  who himself was engaged in a long-term homosexual relationship.” This is the handiwork of NOM’s PR firm, CRC Public Relations which has represented NOM since their inception. CRC is known as the attack dog of conservative causes.

While CRC likes to remain in the shadows, they are the firm that represented “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth,” a group of Navy veterans who launched a disgraceful and dishonest political attack against the war record of John Kerry to thwart his bid for the White House in 2004. Kerry is the recipient of a Bronze StarSilver Star and three Purple Hearts.

It was CRC that arranged a Washington Post puff piece about Brian Brown in 2009. Shortly after the story appeared, the Post’s ombudsman issued an apology wherein he wrote “I agree that the story fell short.” CRC is currently run by Greg Mueller, the communications director for Pat Buchanan’s 1992 and 1996 presidential campaigns.

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Ali Akbar’s hater machine, brought to you by extreme right wing gay-haters and smear merchants. It only makes sense.


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  • TexasTim

    Well, well, well, Just got out of meetings with LE. They are fully up to speed on Ali, Walker, Hoge, McCain and Hoge Jr. Seems like Ali has been told that no guns are allowed at BlogBash and that Ali himself will be arrested if anybody has a firearm anywhere near the event. But just in case someone tries to pull a fast one, LE is going to have plainclothes agents filming, taking down license numbers, and watching the scene very closely. Bobby McKeys is cooperating with LE in this matter and has told its employees to report anything suspicious.

    So Ali and his gang are going to party, but they are going to be watched too by the Big Brother they spew about so often. Geezy Peezy, imagine that, Ali has a party which is being attended by Rand Paul’s worst nightmare — DHS. So he should expect every word at Blog Bash to be recorded. Hey Ali, remember how you and Stranahan and Breitbart were thrilled to have Occupy spied on by the cops (and your right wing minions), well, now it’s you and your BlogBash that gets snooped on. That’s what you get for calling for #WAR and arms, and having fools like Walker and Hoge and Hoge Jr. brag about how they love their beloved firearms, and then show photos with guns, and targets at the gun range. God are you people stupid. You made my job so easy. They didn’t have to be convinced that Ali and his gang are like the mafia, intimidating people with threats and guns. One of the agents said that Ail seemed to be acting like a South American drug lord, directing his troops to attack, destroy and declare #War on his enemies. I couldn’t have said it any better.

    Enjoy the party….