Rashad Akbar Smokin It

Every time I hear about Ali Akbar and his so called great upbringing I have to laugh a bit at how he presents himself being raised by his mother Lydia Dews, who he seems to give plenty of credit for in raising him to be the man-child he is today. However I also have to do a reality check when it comes to the facts of Akbar’s life: broke and living the life of a up and coming crime lord he goes out and rips people off, goes to jail, then gets out and days later goes out and rips more people off, then goes back to jail again before he comes out and blames someone else for his troubles and goes straight. Of course the facts are a bit more apparent when you look at brother Rashad and his ghetto thief ways.

Rashad Akbar 50 dollar thief.
Rashad Akbar 50 dollar thief.

I don’t really have time to go into the particulars of this ghetto two bit thief brother of his, but it does appear that the Akbar family wasn’t really raised the way Akbar claims. In the image below you can see Rashad Akbar in all his glory, looking like nothing more than a ghetto gang banger smoking what appears to be a fat spliff. In the image above you can see that Rashad is another in a potentially long line of Akbar ghetto thieves busted for a theft under 50.00 dollars.

Is that some fat spliffy smoke jiffy?
Is that some fat spliffy smoke jiffy?

It does make me wonder where all that money Akbar raises actually goes? Does it go for partying? I think Akbar makes that very clear that he loves to party, and hardy too. Does it go for fat spliffs for brother Rashad and himself? No one really knows. But don’t be deceived or even fooled by the “Ali Akbar was raised up right” meme. In reality it appears that Akbar and family were raised to take things that didn’t belong to them and to hell with the consequences for doing it. If people will say this article is somewhat below the belt, I would point them to the fact that Ali Akbar lives by the creed “do unto others before they do unto you.” He hits below the belt when he wants to, and doesn’t give two shits for anyone else but himself when he does. Ali took the gloves off last night by tweeting this:


Ali Akbar goes after Brett Kimberlin's children..
Ali Akbar goes after Brett Kimberlin’s children..


So Akbar, you took the gloves off first and went below the belt, now live with it you ghetto thief.


  • LiberalGrouch

    WA — another fine expose. We’ve known about this, of course, for quite some time but these buttwipe “me so Christian” scrote-heads wanna throw down, we can throw down.

  • TexasTim

    Well, well, well. The gift that keeps on giving. The GOP has never been known to be too swift, but they are now on a suicide mission. So the job of every good American is now to make sure the GOP owns Ali Akbar, Aaron Walker, Lee Stranahan, Jeff Dunetz, and Robert Stacy McCain. The NTSC just announced that it is co-hosing Blog Bash, and Rand Paul made that announcement. Congressmen Boehner, Ryan and Cantor have all joined on as sponsors. So now we have the leadership of the GOP and the organization that pushes to elect GOP Senators jumping in bed with felons, pimps, pornographers, scammers, Islamophobes, white supremacists, and sex perverts.

    And the GOP thought they could burn Obama with a tenuous connection to Bill Ayers. Let me say this, every Democratic political operative in the country will have a field day with this–ads of Boehner with Aaron Walker, the Muslim hating extremist who has caused the death of scores of American soldiers in Afghanistan. Ads of Rand Paul with Ali Akbar’s mug shot, dark music and a deep voice over, “Why is Rand Paul paling around with a convicted felon who scammed fellow Republicans with a fake non profit.”
    Ads of Cantor with Jeff Dunetz, “Eric Cantor supports sex perverts who masturbate while stalking and terrorizing women.” Ads of Paul Ryan with racist Robert Stacy McCain wearing a KKK hood and blasting interracial marriage. And best of all, ads of the NRSC with Lee Stranahan and his ads pimping his wife selling her body and his porno collection.

    Hey GOP, you just lost 2014 and beyond. You took the the bait from conman Ali Akbar. He did this to you. He took you in the gutter with the worst of the worst.

    Thank you Ali. You are the best thing that ever happened to the Democrats. Keep it coming. This shit is better than dumbass Romney and his 47 percent. This is better than Todd Akin and his rape comments. This is better than, geez, anything that any Democrat could think of. Ali, this is our wet dream, and you made it happen. THANK YOU, Ali Akbar, the gift that keeps giving.

    Ali can’t be a Republican. No he is a paid Democratic operative and the best there is. No one else on earth could get the top leadership of the GOP in the same room supporting perverts, conmen, felons, Muslim haters, rape supporters, pornographers, pimps, johns, racists, and fraudsters. THANK YOU GOD FOR ALI AKBAR!!!!! He just handed the Democrats control of the House in 2014. I mean, my God, Cantor, Boehner and Ryan all supporting a person who got Americans killed on the battlefield. You can’t get better than that. Ali just ensured that the Senate will add some more Democrats. Rand Paul went from a 13 hour filibuster hero of the right to a the best spokesman for Republican defeat, all in one week. Lord, what a friggin moron.

    Holy Mackerel, this is so frigging good that I would be able to sleep for days.

  • merl

    By ghetto, you mean nigger trash, right? That’s the way it comes across. Try lowlifes instead. Don’t give the “libs” are the racists any more ammo.
    Or don’t, this isn’t my blog.