According to this video published yesterday, the National Republican Senate Campaign (NRSC) is sponsoring Blog Bash and Senator Rand Paul is endorsing it. We presume this means they also endorse convicted felon Ali Akbar and the five to ten thousand Brett Kimberlin flyers that he says he will pass out at the conference. Bill Murphy, mentioned in this video, is Akbar’s past partner in running fake charities. If Breitbart.com writer, fraudster, pimp, and pornographer Lee Stranahan wins the award named for Andrew Breitbart tonight, will Rand Paul ignore Stranahan’s outing of the Steubenville rape victim yesterday to congratulate him? Will the NRSC and Sen. Paul endorse Islamophobic hate-blogger Aaron Walker or the avowedly-racist Robert Stacy McCain? BU will be reaching out to both Sen. Paul’s office as well as the NRSC today and this post will be updated if they comment.

Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor are also reportedly sponsoring the event. Just when everyone is saying that the GOP needs to clean up its act and expel the fringe radicals, powerful Republicans appear set on embracing a gang of felons, racists, fearmongerers, and rape apologists all scamming on Brett Kimberlin’s name. This is not your father’s GOP.