Ted Cruz: Friend to Fascists, Past and Present


Last week we gave you the skinny on the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Empower Texans and the John Hancock Committee for the States, which have Tim Dunn and Michael Quinn Sullivan as common links, but it seems there is so much more. It’s like drilling for oil and hitting a gusher!


The Texas Tribune reported yesterday on James Ives, tea party leader. We were fascinated by this tidbit:

Ives and his wife have been active Tea Partiers since the political movement began in 2009. Ives spoke about “American exceptionalism” at a 2010 “Back to Basics” rally at the state Capitol, shared billing on a live 2011 radio broadcast with prominent conservative activists Michael Quinn Sullivan and Jonathan Saenz, and in 2012 hosted a U.S. Senate forum for Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and the man who would later defeat him, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. As recently as July, he was listed on the website of Houston radio station KSEV — Patrick’s station — as a regular contributor.

James Ives, Fascist Party Director of Propaganda

Meet James Ives, former director of propaganda for the American Fascist Party and current president of the Greater Fort Bend County Tea Party. Apparently Ives has associations he’ll admit and others he eschews.

He will proudly wear the banner of the Tea Party, but when asked directly about his associations with the AFP (interesting acronym parallel, no?), he demurs, saying he stumbled on their Yahoo group online and was “merely curious.” He also claims it was “all pro-Constitution, pro-America,” yet also claims he was doing research in order to “blow the lid off all of this.”

Which was it, Mr. Ives? Why would a good tea party soldier want to ‘blow the lid off’ an organization that was ‘all pro-Constitution, pro-America’? It was evil or it was good, and based on what remains of the postings there, it appears evil wins.

The group Mr. Ives posted in about ten years ago or so was called the American Fascist Party, but described itself as “a political party of Americans who want a strong military government to take control of the United States and put down the protesters, greeners, and ultra-liberals.” The online group was started on September 26, 1998, and claims 157 members as of this date. There appears to be some overlap between the AFP and the United Fascist Union Party (UFU), which fielded a 2008 candidate for President by the name of Jack Grimes. Jerry Springer was unimpressed:


As bizarre as it may seem, it would appear that calling themselves fascists was more palatable than calling themselves racists. So far, there is no evidence that Ives was associated with the UFU, but that only separates him from them by one very thin degree.

Readers might wonder whether a director of propaganda for the American Fascist Party might be using his skills to dodge what might otherwise be a difficult association. Perhaps a look at what postings of his remain in the original Yahoo! group would be useful.

There is this posting, for example, where Ives is quoted by another member before responding. In Ives’ original appeal, he says,

I want to get info on the availability of the t-shirt patch and the possibility of buying, or having made, the black banner. It would be a striking visual to gain notice at various events, and would look good on my wall, too!

Any use of Party Insignia, or any printings or public statements would, of course, be run through the leadership for approval.[Original posting here]

There is also this posting, which deserves to be seen in its original glory:

This modern age carries such similarity with the Age of Fascist Heroes...

This modern age carries such similarity with the Age of Fascist Heroes…

Ives, in his own words: “I know the isolation of the thinking mind amid the dross, of the concern and care over the nations future, while those around you cavort, and complain and stain the land. Worry not, for the day is coming, when we can make our mark, either in triumph, or in the anonymous service to the coming day. Mussolini spoke of the Bayonets of the New Dawn…”

Comrade Seth promises Ives a “major officer’s post” in one posting, and hails him to all members, saying “James is a serious thinker, not just an armchair fascist that looks at his computer screen once in a while. See his postings on the American Fascist Movement’s “Forum” for more of his thoughts — they’re worth reading.”

Ives responds with gratitude, vowing to “assist the growth and impact of our party on the local, regional, and national scale…no hobby or trifle of existence will delay my prompt answr to the call.” He goes on to tell members to “tell [him]what [he]can do in Texas for you, and [he]will try [his]utmost to comply.” That post is signed “Your honor-bound comrade, James Ives”

That doesn’t sound like someone looking to blow the lid off much of anything. No, that sounds like a man who is a True Believer.

Fascists and the Tea Party Have Common Bonds

The word “fascism” evokes images of swastikas and Nazis, but it is a mistake to assume that such extremes are limited to 1930’s Germany. Here is a handy list of common characteristics of fascist regimes. We note that while the American Fascist Party embraces some of those principles, the modern Tea Party has been much more successful at disguising their aims while adopting far more of them. Here is a partial list:

  • Militant nationalism
  • Militant anti-Communism mixed with the belief there is an extreme and imminent threat from Communist forces inside and outside the country – See Ted Cruz’ remarks about his Harvard Law Professors for a perfect example
  • Contempt for democratic socialism, democratic capitalism, liberalism and all forms of individualism
  • A sophisticated apparatus for systematically propagandizing the population
  • Pursuing a militaristic and aggressive foreign policy
  • Corporate cartels in control of the economy.

A different analysis of fascist regimes by Dr. Lawrence Britt reveals even more characteristics in common, which tea party darling Ted Cruz wears like a gold standard:

As to corporatist elements in the Tea Party, we recommend reference to our previous posts here at Breitbart Unmasked on the sources of funding for the TPPF and Empower Texans. If one follows Empower Texans and the John Hancock Committee for the States’ breadcrumbs, they lead to Americans for Prosperity (Koch Industries) ties and joint propaganda training efforts with AFP.

Moreover, the 2011 990 report for Empower Texans reports a $255,621 gift to the Alliance for Self-Governance, which is headed by Mark Meckler, co-founder of the Tea Party Express, and chaired by Tim Dunn. The Alliance for Self-Governance (full 990)  gave $201,000 to the Health Care Compact, whose directors are Mark Meckler, Tim Dunn and Kelly O’Keefe, relative of Koch proxy Eric O’Keefe (full 990). The Health Care Compact was a well-funded tea party drive to force governors to opt out of the Medicare expansion and state-based exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.

Ted Cruz and his cronies over at Breitbart may deny any association with fascists, but they cannot, because a fascist by any other name is the modern tea party movement. With all of this context, we invite you to watch Cruz use fascist propaganda tactics on Chuck Hagel again:


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    The irony is,the Canadian Texas carpetbagger,and his ultra racist “reverend” father, would be considered sub human in a Facist state does anyone know the definition of the word “troglodyte”?

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