Kerry Wood Claims Ali Akbar Isn't A Criminal

In a stunning reversal the Curtis Bostic campaign volunteer Kerry Wood claims that he knows what a criminal looks like, and according to him, Ali Akbar isn’t a criminal.

When asked if he was aware of Akbar’s criminal record, Wood, who has worked in law enforcement, said, “I know what a criminal looks like and (Akbar) is not a criminal.”

Well Mr. Wood, let us debunk your stupidity right out of the gate.

This is what the criminal Ali Akbar looked like when jailed for criminal activity:

Ali Akbar Mugshot
Ali Akbar Mugshot

Here is another one:

Ali Akbar Mugshot with Additional Charges
Ali Akbar Mugshot with Additional Charges

Here are the criminal acts defined by the State of Texas:

Ali Akbar Theft Charges
Ali Akbar Theft Charges

Here are the additional charges that Mr. Akbar obtained after getting out of jail on the first set of charges.


Ali Akbar Criminal Charges For Debit Card Fraud and Burglary of a Vehicle
Ali Akbar Criminal Charges For Debit Card Fraud

Here are the charges as given by the state computer:


Ali Akbar Felony Charges
Ali Akbar Felony Charges


Here are the burglary charges:

Ali Akbar Burglary Charges
Ali Akbar Burglary Charges

Now since you claim that you are connected to Law Enforcement, what part of the above criminal charges do you not understand when saying that Ali Akbar is not a criminal? BU wonders if you are that dumb to make such a bold statement like that, or if you are just lying about the criminal issues with Mr. Akbar? Apparently the Bostic campaign doesn’t know whether it is coming or going when they have volunteer fools like Kerry Wood to help their campaigns. If Mr. Wood was hired or volunteered to go out and build a social media campaign and he decided to employ the services of a KNOWN CRIMINAL like Ali Akbar, then that says to me that your campaign is a losing campaign who could care less whom they hire or have volunteering. Couple that with Curtis Bostic claiming earlier that the truth doesn’t matter and only the client matters, then it is plain as the nose on your face that the Bostic campaign has no business running a campaign for Congress. In business the usual business strategy is a top down strategy. If the top, or management, doesn’t care about the truth, then no one below them will care about the truth. If the Bostic campaign keeps Mr. Wood on staff or as a volunteer, then it shows just how they run their campaign: which is now filled with people who lie, cheat or steal, and have a reckless disregard for the truth.

According to Curtis Bostic:

It is not the job of an attorney to ascertain what the truth is. It is the job of an attorney to represent people.


A bold statement about Curtis Bostic if I ever heard one. Time to clean house Mr. Bostic. If you have any real intent on running a clean campaign you need to clean house of all these miscreants, felons and staff members who twist the truth when it suits them. If you don’t clean house now this close to the runoff you can’t hope to have any credibility when you face Mark Sanford down the road.

This was all a blow up over the website which at first the Bostic campaign claimed was not their domain, but then later it was claimed that the website was bought by an overzealous campaign volunteer. Then it was revealed today that it wasn’t a volunteer, but a volunteer campaign worker who had bought the website in question. That campaign worker/volunteer was none other than political operative Kerry Wood. Mr. Wood then went out and hired Mr. Akbar to run it whereby the website immediately showed a donation page so people could give money to the campaign. However the campaign said it was not their site, so all donations that flowed into it was not going to them, which is a clear violation of campaign law. After a series of questions were asked of Mr. Akbar on Twitter he finally came clean and told the truth, or what he considers the truth. That so called truth was that he was hired without pay to run the Bostic social media campaign on a promise of later payment if he could show that he brought serious social media muscle to the Bostic campaign.

When asked to comment on the Bostic campaigns screw-ups concerning this kerfuffle, Joel Sawyer, spokesman for the Mark Sanford campaign said:

“Their campaign has skipped out on numerous candidate forums, they’ve failed to file the proper financial disclosures, and now they’re changing their tune about whether they hired a particular consultant and put up a particular Web site. There seems to be a disconcerting pattern developing here with regard to a lack of transparency.”

A lack of transparency we can only begin to report on. It seems that the Bostic campaign now has to deal with staffers and volunteers who are running amok and working on their own without any upper management knowing what they are doing. However, Mr. Wood claims that he had the approval from the campaign to buy the domain and start raising money on his own. Seems mighty suspicious that Mr. Wood would claim he has a Law Enforcement background but would say that Mr. Akbar is not a criminal when there is a treasure trove of evidence to support the truth: which Mr. Wood somehow can’t get a handle on.

Is this the way business will be run if Curtis Bostic is able to gain a seat in Congress? Are backroom deals the norm instead of the exception? Are criminals and felons now allowed around the seats of power in Washington? Is lying the only way to win?

BU will continue to report on these important issues as they happen….


  • LiberalGrouch

    Interesting that he’s called a “Volunteer” when two businesses he runs have received $6,200 from the Bostic for Congress committee.

    “According to documents available on the Federal Election Commission website, two of Wood’s companies, Advanced Printing & Graphics, LLC and Dark Horse Strategy Group, LLC, were paid $6,200 by the Committee to Elect Curtis Bostic. $1,200 was paid to Advanced Printing & Graphics on Jan. 30 and $5,000 was paid to Dark Horse Strategy Group on Feb. 14.”