It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. The threat level is BURNT UMBER. Take care and be aware!

  • Roy Moore, Alabama’s recently-reelected state supreme court Chief Justice, will hear a birther lawsuit brought by Larry Klayman, who is best-known for using his World Net Daily column to call for armed revolt
  • A birther lawsuit in New York has ended with the judge ordering the plaintiff to pay $177,000. We expect Roy Moore to invite forum-shopping by these wankers
  • The exposure of a complex bribery scheme to give the New York City GOP mayoral nomination to state Sen. Malcolm Smith has the party fighting among themselves to avoid total irrelevance in the state
  • Not content with being 0-for-13 in their campaign of fake criminal charges against our own Bill Schmalfeldt, Aaron Walker and William Hoge have called for “Everyone Blog and Contact the Howard County States Attorney Day” on Monday, April 8. Their efforts have received the endorsement of Ace of Spades
  • The Associated Press has removed the term “illegal alien” from their stylebook. Media Matters shows how Fox News reacted
  • When it comes to holding an audience after an election year, Fox News is doing worse than its competitors. News Corpse has a nice roundup of the numbers
  • Last week, Mike Huckabee was talking up a third party if Republicans endorse marriage equality. This week, Huckabee is spreading the notion that federal gun confiscation is just around the corner — because Hitler!
  • Republican North Carolina legislators now deny they want to establish an official church in the state. While we were looking into that, we also noted the NC state senate is trying to ban the University of North Carolina from assigning coed suites, apartments, or dorm rooms “unless they are siblings or are legally married
  • In the inaugural edition of his new primetime MSNBC show, Chris Hayes took apart the Atlanta standardized test cheating scandal
  • In a strange new twist to the Menendez smear story, two Dominican maids claim the FBI illegally detained them and tried to coerce both into making incriminating statements against Sen. Menendez
  • Last week we noted an emerging issue over whether to let the IRS do your taxes for free. This week, The Economist endorses the idea while Grover Norquist runs around screaming with his hair on fire
  • Contrary to dire warnings that “job creators” would stop spending their money if they faced higher tax rates, the rich are not leaving for Galt’s Gulch
  • Last week we named Todd Kincannon the Tuesday Twit, but that was before this glorious smackdown by RT America’s Abby Martin. Enjoy!