When Will The FBI Investigate James O’Keefe’s Illegal Wiretaps?


Mitch McConnell was really the guy behind the smears of Ashley Judd that caused her to nix her run in Kentucky? Color us unsurprised. Mother Jones has all the details about how Mitch planned to use her depression and mental health issues to smear her in a campaign, and they’re no more or less than what we expect from an entitled, hypocritical Republican.

Ron Paul’s sidekick and current McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton stepped right up with his statement of condemnation:

“Senator McConnell’s campaign is working with the FBI and has notified the local U.S. Attorney in Louisville, per FBI request, about these recordings,” McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton said in a statement. “Obviously a recording device of some kind was placed in Senator McConnell’s campaign office without consent. By whom and how that was accomplished presumably will be the subject of a criminal investigation.

The McConnell recording could have been obtained in a number of ways that don’t involve bugging. Maybe someone in the room had a smartphone turned to voice recorder. Maybe someone in the room carried a recording device. After all, McConnell isn’t really a Tea Party favorite in Kentucky and his opposition includes FreedomWorks, who has embraced O’Keefe and sent him out on training exercises. We also note that Kentucky is not a two-party state with regard to recording private conversations.

But never mind, because McConnell is calling out the FBI!

James O’Keefe and Maxine Waters – Investigation, anyone?

James O’Keefe does this sort of thing for a living with the full and complete blessing of conservatives and Republicans, who celebrate his numerous efforts. James O’Keefe has been illegally and surreptitiously wiretapping people and organizations for years. He illegally wiretapped ACORN and released dishonestly edited tapes that destroyed them. He was sued and last month settled the suit for six figures.

He tried to wiretap Senator Mary Landrieu but was arrested at the scene and prosecuted, resulting in probation for that federal offense. He also wiretapped NPR and two staffers were fired as a result. He tried unsuccessfully to sting the NYU School of Journalism too. He had an associate for the NYU sting and also his attempted Massachusetts SEIU sting during the special election for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat: Nadia Naffe.

O’Keefe illegally wiretapped another elected official

Former O’Keefe employee and associate Nadia Naffe and now whistleblower has released recordings she made of her joint efforts with O’Keefe to wiretap Maxine Waters office in California and bank officials from Rep Waters’ husband’s bank. Nadia was paid by O’Keefe to falsely pretend to be a small business owner seeking Waters help in getting a loan in exchange for a kickback. Nadia is an African-American woman who attempted to gain Waters trust in order to destroy her.

It is illegal under California law to surreptitiously tape record conversations without two party consent, but that didn’t stop O’Keefe from setting about to destroy Waters.

The plan was for O’Keefe and Naffe to pose as potential homebuyers in one of the most economically distressed areas of Los Angeles in order for them to “expose” Waters’ bank as corrupt. At their first meeting with the bank, Naffe and O’Keefe tried to get the bank’s loan officer to increase the homebuyer credit to an amount higher than the 10 percent permitted.

After putting the bank officer through his paces, O’Keefe and Naffe get straight to the point.

O’Keefe: It’s around 50,000, um-
MM: It needs to be more.
O’Keefe: It needs to be more than 50? How can we bump up the price of the…
Nadia: What I was thinking- as she was saying that- I mean- Can’t I buy your house-
O’Keefe: Mm hm.
Nadia: at $80,000-
O’Keefe: Mm hm.
Nadia: And then, you just give me back the 30?
MM: No. No, ‘cause let me share this with you-
O’Keefe: Mm hm.
MM: and look- that was an A and B conversation, and C just jumped in.
Nadia: I’m sorry.
MM: It’s gonna be appraised.
Nadia: OK.
MM: OK? So- for, well, without- If you were to just outright buy it, that would be one thing, but here’s the thing; you want to buy something at the appraised value, OK? If you’re going to do it from a lending standpoint, of course they’re going to do an evaluation.
Nadia: It’s going to be worth more later, and was worth more at one time, it’s just– you know-the market’s depreciated and stuff.
MM: Mm hm…
Nadia: I think I’m getting a good deal on this little house, I’m not gonna live there forever, but…
MM: What I wanna do is…
Nadia: It’ll be a good tax write off for me, plus I really wanna get that $8,000 back so I can furnish it…
O’Keefe: Yeah. Yeah.
Nadia: ‘Cause- you know- putting money down, and then… It sucks up my savings.

[Read the full transcripts here, here and here.]

After shopping around with various bank officials, the plan was to take what they had to Maxine Waters and confront her with “evidence” of corruption at her husband’s bank, despite the fact that there hadn’t actually been any corrupt activities. O’Keefe recorded the entire meeting with Waters in order to produce an edited version that would make it appear that Waters was involved in a complicated scheme to bilk the government out of unearned tax credits.

Here is the voice mail of Waters calling Nadia back to set up a meeting.

O’Keefe ultimately had nothing he could really sell to the media, but he went ahead and put up a “preview” video of Waters on his YouTube page, presumably to spark an ethics investigation, which did happen, and in which you can clearly see that he is recording Rep. Waters secretly, without her consent.


We wondered why he put up the preview, and we found our answer on his fundraising page. No link, but a capture as of today:

O'Keefe raises funds for his non-profit with edited illegally recorded video.

O’Keefe raises funds for his non-profit with edited illegally recorded video.

Again, we ask: Why isn’t the FBI jumping on O’Keefe’s proven involvement in illegal wiretaps of yet another Federal Representative? According to Naffe, he also wiretapped Olympia Snowe’s office. Is that why she retired?

Remove the mote in your own eye, McConnell

Where are the FBI investigations of James O’Keefe’s activities? Where are the investigations of those who fund O’Keefe’s illegal wiretaps of elected officials? Is it because O’Keefe is now firmly entrenched with FreedomWorks? Is it because O’Keefe attempts to target Democrats, liberals, unions and ordinary people who participate in the Occupy protests? Are those acceptable targets, but Republicans who plot to smear opponents with personal, petty attacks and are caught in the process exempt?

We challenge the FBI to step up and actually investigate O’Keefe’s illegal activities. We know Nadia Naffe would be glad to speak to the press and any investigators who are interested in real justice for real crimes. Contact her. She’ll tell you all about James O’Keefe and his REAL illegal wiretaps.

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