Last Thursday Aaron Walker unintentionally outed himself as one of the operators of the @Kimberlinunmask Twitter account as well as being one of the bloggers at, confirming the suspicions of many observers. We find this rather creepy given the way the aforementioned Twitter account has practically slobbered all over Mr. Walker at times. Moreover, Walker’s campaign of false criminal charges against our own Bill Schmalfeldt finally appears to be at an end because the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office understands him for what he is: a loser famewhoring on conspiracy theories. In fact, we sense that Walker has become synonymous with lunatic litigants using Twitter and blogs to erect victimhood claims in support of “lawfare.” From now on, people will say “that lunatic is a regular Aaron Walker” whenever somebody does it. Walker is therefore a meme, an element of a culture or behavior that will pass from one individual to another forever and ever (or until someone pulls the plug on the internet). As exemplified in Schmalfeldt’s declaration that he is moving on to put the affair behind him, this marks the moment that everyone can stop taking Walker seriously enough to actually pay attention to him. In celebration, Bill and many of his friends took part in an impromptu “Aaron Walker meme” day on Friday. We hope you enjoy these examples of the “#WalkerFail” meme: