Perhaps we should have seen it coming. Yesterday, on the same morning that our own Bill Schmalfeldt had expected to receive his nolle prosequis and get on with his life, someone called in a bomb threat to the Carroll County Courthouse.

Sheriff’s officials said Circuit Court officials got an anonymous phone call around 8:30 a.m. claiming that an explosive device had been left in one of the court buildings. Courthouse officials said the threat was not specific.

The Circuit and District court buildings were evacuated and closed for the day.

Traffic within the immediate area, including Court Street, Greenwood Avenue, Willis Street and the surrounding alleyways, was detoured while law enforcement personnel inspected the buildings using bomb-detecting K-9 teams and X-ray equipment.

We will continue to report this story. In the meantime, we also took note of Los Angeles Deputy DA John Patrick Frey aka @Patterico’s blog post last night which blames Schmalfeldt for the failed SWATting of Erik Rush. Breezing past the delirious connections of his conspiracy theory, the paid public servant who doxed Nadia Naffe for reporting her rape attempt by James O’Keefe dismisses all objections as “conspiracy theory.” Furthermore, this man who puts people in prison for a living insists that via Schmalfeldt, Brett Kimberlin is somehow responsible for the 911 dispatchers calling Rush to see if he was okay:

According to, an individual claiming to be Rush called Fort Collins police Monday at about 5 p.m., reporting that two men wielding AK-47 rifles were firing rounds inside his home. But with no additional calls reporting the gunshots and because the call came to 911 through a third-party relay service, police dispatchers were suspicious. Rush was contacted by police via his home phone and confirmed that the call was fake.

We expect Deputy DA Frey, who has power to get people executed by the state of California, to blame Schmalfeldt for yesterday morning’s bomb threat at any minute by ascribing an elaborate motive for Bill to delay his own vindication. In the meantime, here are a couple of the usual suspects chiming in:

Welcome to the new conspiracy theory, same as the old conspiracy theory. Now with extra stupid! We challenge Mr. Frey, paid servant of the people of Los Angeles, to obtain the 911 audio of Rush’s phone call so that the voice thereon may be compared to Schmalfeldt’s podcast voice, and perhaps some other voices besides. Aaron Walker should release the audio of his own alleged SWATing for the same purposes.


  • TexasTim

    Just a little update about the investigation into the Carroll County court closure yesterday due to a bomb threat. It would be naive for Walker and Hoge to think that their protestations of non-involvement will in any way convince investigators that they, or someone acting on their behalf, did not make the threat. Mr. Hoge would be naive to think that his son is not a strong suspect. It would be naive for him to think that the Fusion Center does not have the infamous photo of William Hoge Jr. cleaning his gun with an implied threat against Mr. Schmalfeldt. And it would be even more naive for Mr. Hoge to believe that LE do not have pictures and video of Jr. sitting in an orange colored vehicle for more than five hours in the Howard County courthouse parking lot taking photos just days before the attack on the Howard County prosecutors. It would be naive for Mr. Hoge to think that LE has implied an innocent motive to such conduct. Indeed, was Jr. doing surveillance to get photos of the prosecutors? Was he trying to see how good the security was at the courthouse? Was he scoping it out to see if he could conduct an operation without being detected?

    The actions of Hoge, Walker and Jr. over the past several weeks (and months) provide LE with a strong basis for believing that they may have conspired to call in the bomb threat on the Carroll County courthouse. Of course, they can protest their innocence, attempt to provide alibis, blame Team Kimberlin, or create a false meme, but, as they say in LE circles, that will only “point the finger right back to them.”

    So let’s do a little role play here for a second:
    Hoge: Officer Johnny Dollar, I had nothing to do with the bomb threat.
    Dollar: Well, two weeks before it, you launched a vicious attack on the Howard County prosecutors that resulted in threats to that office but now you are saying you had nothing to do with the bomb threat against Carroll County court system.
    Hoge: Yes, I was behind that campaign but it was only to get back at the prosecutors for not prosecuting cases brought against Bill Schmalfeldt.
    Dollar: Yes, but that seems a likely motive for calling in a bomb threat since Carroll County prosecutors refused to prosecute Mr. Schmalfeldt and those charges were scheduled to be dismissed 30 min after the bomb threat.
    Hoge: I did not do it and I can provide an alibi for my son.
    Dollar: Well, it appears that your son is very loyal to you and would do anything you ask. He posted a menacing picture of him cleaning a firearm along with a blog post that can be construed to be an implied threat against Mr. Schmalfeldt.
    Hoge: Yes, but he was trying to warn Mr. Schmalfeldt not to mess with my family.
    Dollar: And then we have photos and video from our undercover officers showing that you son was conducting surveillance of the Howard County courthouse just days after you announced your campaign against the Howard County prosecutors. Your son, for almost five hours, had a large camera with what appears to be a telephoto lens and was taking pictures while sitting in an orange colored vehicle. We believe that he was taking pictures of people going in and out of the courthouse, including the prosecutors. And you called out two prosecutors by name in your blog posts. Did your son have orders from you to take pictures in that parking lot?
    Hoge: Well, I must admit that he was there and he was taking pictures but you cannot prove that he was doing anything illegal. I mean it’s not illegal to take pictures in a public parking lot.
    Dollar: Well, from our perspective, it does not prove a crime, but it is a piece of evidence that we are looking at that points to your involvement in the bomb threat. I am going to ask you point blank Mr. Hoge, did your son go to a local pay phone and call in the bomb threat and did he do that on your orders?
    Hoge: I think I need to call an attorney.

  • Tim, we always find your comments informative and encouraging. No matter who called in the bomb threat, I do hope justice will prevail. But if any member of the Walker clan is found responsible, you may rest assured this blog will trumpet the proof that our long-held thesis is vindicated, and the harassment has all been coming from the same side that screams about being harassed all the time.