Big Government In The Breitbart Style


Having tasted power when “journalists” gave Benghazi and IRS talking points to House Republican leadership during last year’s Groundswell movement, on Thursday the website further blurred whatever lines remain between its “news” and its advocacy.

The Breitbart News Network announced today the addition of former National Review reporter Jonathan Strong as Breitbart’s Washington Editor. In this position, Strong will direct all of Breitbart’s political coverage including Big Government while helping the organization continue its aggressive expansion.

Michael Flynn, current Washington Editor, will be the Political Director of a new Super PAC called the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, while remaining a contributor to Breitbart News.

Johnathan Strong

Johnathan Strong

We note that:

  • Jonathan Strong, who once suggested the EPA was responsible for a rise in bedbug infestations by outlawing commercial pesticides and dreamed of giving anti-immigration activists the same civil enforcement rights as environmental activists, is the perfect balance of policy wonk and scientific illiterate needed for his new position
  • As one of Saint Andrew’s personal hires, Mike Flynn is closely associated with his franchise. Since there is perfect overlap between the narrow interests of tea parties and the kind of news that reports, Flynn is well-positioned to provide an interface that gives them the news they want to read
Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

We foresee the following trends:

  • Bullet points will move freely from Tea Party Patriots online gathering grounds to the front page of and vice-versa
  • As with Groundswell, talking points by congressional Republicans in regards to specific issues will become nearly identical to these online bullet points
  • No one on the right will see anything wrong with any of this, but instead they will all justify it because “we have to match the left” and the “liberal media”
  • Increasingly bizarre and dubious themes will manifest as “issues” in this triangulation. Fake controversies about Benghazi and the IRS will seem mild compared to the paranoid delusions that will probably “inform” future public debate. By the end of 2014, we look forward to legislators trying to regulate unmarked helicopters and socialist pork sandwiches
  • Two words: RAND PAUL
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  • @OccupyRebellion

    This must be killing Lee Stranahan, Brandon Darby, and Mandy Nagy being passed over again at Breitbart. While Mandy and Stranahan tried getting jobs as soon as Breitbart died but no one would hire them.

    In other news, KimberlinUnmasked contributor Mike Stack deleted his Twitter @stayoffinternet. His blog is still up.

    • Xenophon

      Funny, is it not, how these people tried to carry on Saint Andrew’s final blogwar and wound up being purged from the company that bears his name?

      • @OccupyRebellion

        I thought Darby had a better chance of moving up in the company because of all his media exposure but they’ve tossed him to the curb.. I guess it must have been something we’ve done. :-)

        • Xenophon

          We are so glad they have wasted so much effort in trying to sting you. It was time they did not spend preparing for court.