James OKeefe looks good in orange

Conservative activist and adjudicated libel James O’Keefe has conflated an irrelevant remark by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo with a state Department of Labor audit of his payroll practices to claim that he is being oppressed.

“Despite the fact that Project Veritas’s finances are meticulously maintained to the penny, Governor Cuomo and the New York Department of Labor is on a witch-hunt, demanding all documents and financials since our founding,” reads a post on the group’s website. “This is nothing more than meritless, politically-driven targeting. Governor Cuomo said it himself–we don’t belong in New York.”

Note that O’Keefe overemphasizes his accounting practices, which are completely irrelevant to any questions a labor department audit would ask about what he pays his employees. This seems like a good time to remind everyone that O’Keefe was never actually dressed like a pimp while inside an ACORN office. That bit of stagecraft on a Fox News set says all we really need to know about his style of “citizen journalism,” and if his words instantly remind you of a fake IRS scandal that consumed all the air in Washington last Summer, that is probably not an accident either. O’Keefe is yet another product of the Leadership Institute feeding at a trough of dark money and bending the laws all out of shape to avoid accountability.

James O’Keefe wants to feel oppressed, and he wants his fans to feel the oppression with him so that they open up their wallets and feed his appetite for dark money. A convenient bogeyman, a fairy tale of woe and martyrdom, and a combative demeanor: where have we seen all of this before?