Mark DelBianco
Mark DelBianco
Mark DelBianco

In a move that was hardly unexpected, attorney Mark DelBianco has withdrawn as counsel to Kimberlin Unmasked. This leaves pharmaceutical CPA Francis Ostronic as the only legal representation to Team Akbar in the case of Kimberlin vs Walker et al. DelBianco had entered the case in a limited role and now says that job is done, but he probably counts himself lucky for having gotten out from under a looming disaster, as the case is not going well for defendants. Last week, a Maryland judge ordered Google to identify DelBianco’s client and the Kimberlin Unmasked website went offline hours later. We wish Mr. DelBianco future success representing better clients than this bunch of losers.

  • Zero

    Anybody want to start a pool on which rat will be next off the sinking SS Breitbot? My $5 is on one of the big money defendants…

    • Bill and I have a wager going as to when Kimberlin Unmasked is going to flip and rat on the others.

      • It will be about five minutes after DelBianco is compelled to identify KU.

    • We will take Simon and Schuster for $10.

  • He knows a losing proposition when he sees one.

    • He’s no fool, to be sure, but his expertise is technology law, not the First Amendment.

  • I have some information I am developing on Tweets made from the Kimberlin Unmasked account. Stay tuned.

  • RogerS

    I believe that Mr. Del Bianco was hedging his bets from the start. If it went well, he would stay in and take credit, if it went bad, he would bail. Usually, lawyers do not bail unless they have a difficult or uncooperative client. It is very obvious that his client did not want to take his advice and dug his hole deeper and deeper.

    Things are not looking good for the defendants in these cases. I wonder what kind of self sacrifice ritual the remaining lawyer is conducting.

    • In his place, we would hold a Chöd ceremony.