Abdulrahman Alharbi, a Massachusetts man wounded in the Boston Marathon bombing last year, has sued Glenn Beck, The Blaze Inc., Mercury Radio Arts and Premiere Radio Networks for defamation and slander. In the days following the tragedy, Beck repeatedly told his listeners that Alharbi was responsible for the blasts even after police searched his apartment and cleared him of any involvement. Via Courthouse News:

The complaint adds: “Beck falsely accused Alharbi of being a criminal who had funded the attacks that took place at the Boston Marathon.

“On or about May 8, 2013, and at repeated and diverse times thereafter, Beck stated that Alharbi was the ‘money man’ who had funded the attacks at the Boston Marathon.

The statements made by Beck were false.”

Alharbi says he has “received numerous messages … based on Beck’s statements accusing him of being a murderer, child killer and terrorist.”

We have a copy of the complaint below. Alharbi’s case is rather simple and straightforward, alleging that Beck’s evidence-free defamation was malicious. This was not the first time that Beck has given airtime to baseless accusations against individuals: he is a co-defendant in Brett Kimberlin’s federal RICO lawsuit, which alleges that Beck allowed defendants Aaron Walker and John Patrick Frey an uncritical nationwide platform to make baseless allegations against him as well. Like Alharbi, Kimberlin has received many unwanted and threatening communications from people who have been “informed” by that irresponsible and malicious reporting.

We will continue to monitor this story.

Abdulrahman Alharbi's suit against Glenn Beck