Ginni Thomas And Guest Discuss Natural Law And ‘Tyrant In The White House’ (via

By scarce March 31, 2014 4:18 pm – Comments Tea Party activist and wife of Clarence Thomas invited spoke to anti-abortion activist Lila Rose who thinks President Obama is a tyrant for, in her view, trying to impose a secular government. You know, it…

  • Simple proof that Obama is not a tyrant. People who call him a tyrant are not locked away. Do you think tanks would not have surrounded Fox News by now if Obama were actually a tyrant?

    • Yes! And come to think of it, when did tea parties ever get arrested for their beliefs in front of the White House? We have never seen them confront the state in that fashion. Have you? It is almost as if their beliefs were insincere, or something.

  • Maureen

    Ginny must be back on the bottle (no disrespect to alcoholics – my family has alcoholic genes in abundance.

    But she was e-mailing Anita Hill a couple of years ago at 7AM saying nutty things. She obviously wasn’t drinking coffee for breakfast.