GOP House Leader Pulls Column From Disgusting New Breitbart Website (via

QOTD: Extremism is what extremism does.-John Amato Andrew Breitbart was more of a provocateur than anything else and his form of extremism is still shining through on his Breitbart websites. just opened up a California branch of their…

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    A very token gesture by Kevin McCarthy if you ask me. No doubt his column will still be available on the main Breitbart site, and will surely reappear on the Breitbart California site as soon as the offending image is off the front page.

    And again, for the irony impaired (e.g. right wingers) a Photoshopped image of Nancy Pelosi’s head twerking on Miley Cirus’ body with the caption “You can’t make this shit up”, from a site that has made built its entire brand by making shit up… is making shit up.

    • The word for it is “chutzpah.”