Oh, Ali Akbar, you are such a very very funny little dirtbag. This desperate little ploy will get you absolutely nowhere. What will you do when prosecutors decline to take you seriously? Rant and scream and hold a fundraiser? This is the Twitter equivalent of putting your hands over your ears and shouting NEENER NEENER!

Ali’s hysterical new plan might have a better chance of working if he could explain the tax foreclosures of his businesses, his potential tax evasion, and why he kept fundraising for a phony 501(c)(3) charity well after losing his Texas business license. Because we can totally prove that he did those things, whereas we are quite sure his forgery claim will never be considered seriously by anyone outside his bubble.

  • Have you seen “Viral Read” recently? No new stories since early March. Pity. It was such a GOOD website!

    • So it is like Tea Party Brew or any of the various sites Ali has built up, then abandoned? How…expected.

  • I can hear his argument. “Let me see, you want us to arrest him because… he put a checkmark… on a USPS delivery card… while you were ducking and dodging and trying to evade service of his lawsuit, lying about where you were, having your lawyer lying about where you were, and such. Um. Go with Officer Friendly here. He wants to take your picture.”

    • “Your prize is waiting for you in that little room there.”

  • William A. Ferguson

    Ali is feeling left out, apparently, and needs to draw attention to himself again.