Rick mellon calls on Militia movement to go to Nevada
It was that kind of day

As you may have noticed, comments made in the last 24 hours or so have disappeared. We apologize to everyone affected. However, we are pleased to announce that this was not a hack, or an act of censorship by the staff: we were simply unable to export them to our new Disqus comment plugin! This is your open thread for trying it out, and for discussing the news of the day, especially Clive Bundy. We will have some more changes to make in the next few days, so the suggestion box is open.

  • FIRST!

    Remember when we used to “first” blog comment threads? We thought it was stupid, so we stopped. But I miss that.

    • catrsimportant

      Looks like a new contender for Duck Dynasty

      • Xenophon

        Behold, the face of a rural white millionaire civil rights hero.

    • Xenophon

      Congratulations. You win ten thousand Quatloos.

      • What’s the exchange rate on Quatloos to bitcoin? (Runs to Google)

        • Neal Rauhauser

          DogeCoin, son, it’s the newer, more ironic digital currency.

        • Xenophon

          A million to none.

          • Shit. (Turns to shout) Cancel the cruise reservation!

  • Neal Rauhauser

    There are many things flaking out this week, everything from the entire OpenSSL equipped server population to an inebriated lawyer in Texas.

    Y’all are advised to watch bvfiles.wordpress.com, there will be something good about McGibney v. Internet later today or sometime tomorrow. This news come right on top of aforementioned inebriate John Morgan losing Toups v. GoDaddy AND getting stuck with the bill for both sides.

    • Xenophon

      Thank you for the drama update. We see that Morgan is quite a character in his own right.

      • Neal Rauhauser

        Taking a military tactician’s view, once Morgan is gone it leaves Philip Klein in the same position as an outnumbered armored battalion commander who is losing air cover due to inclement weather. Those two didn’t just get into conflict, they made *lifetime foes* of people with their behavior. This is an investment that is going to pay a bitter dividend.

        • See, people ask me why I would ever talk to you, and then shit like this goes on at the periphery of my world that I could never understand if I didn’t ask you what the hell was going on. There’s no way I would run into that shitstorm and take samples. No way.

          • Neal Rauhauser

            I am the equivalent of a 14th century smallpox survivor. My pockmarked internet visage means it is perfectly safe for me to wander around in areas that would be deadly for others. What are they gonna do? They’ve already played the faked up federal investigation card, this thing in Texas is like a fumbled live grenade in their own trench, unless they’ve got someone who A.) knows where I live and B.) is willing to come here and try to personally ‘persuade’ me, not much is going to happen.

  • Neal Rauhauser


    @BV_truth came up with the details on Toups v. GoDaddy. No word on the costs but it’s gotta be pushing six figures at a bare minimum.

  • Neal Rauhauser

    This guy is the Bundy with the ranch? He could be cast as the crazy uncle for Randall Flagg in The Stand.

    • I think it’s his son who got tazed in the face?

  • Bill Schmalfeldt

    When his mother saw that birthmark, did she scream?

    • Xenophon

      We did.

      • Hey now, I have a birthmark on my face. We complexion-disabled people are VERY sensitive!

    • Unibrow

      EPJ says come to the dark side Bill, you know you can do it. Just leave Brett behind and join the party, join us and ve shall rule the world…

  • William A. Ferguson


    Sir, why do you frighten me so?

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