Domestic Terrorist Cliven Bundy Finally ADMITS He is a Domestic Terrorist (Video) (via Americans Against The Tea Party)

Harry Reid irritated the domestic terrorists of the right-wing when he called freeloading rancher Cliven Bundy and his band of “militia” supporters domestic terrorists. “Cliven Bundy does not recognize the United States,” Reid said.  “He…

  • Jonathan Taylor Powell

    Sign the petition to bring freeloader Bundy to justice – and to prosecute the teahadists who took up arms against the USA.


      Fuck your petition sheeple! Looks like your one that forgot & broke your oath huh? What’s going to happen when the fedevils take your shit? Or take away your sovereignty & your ‘STATE RIGHTS’ or your property? Only state,local taxes should be payed…NOT Federal taxes.Go ahead & keep putting your hard working money into the pockets of the Royal & Rothchilds families,the Rockefellers & other illuminati factions pockets! Other Americans like you need to WAKE UP! You’re either the solution or part of the problem!


    Yeah the Fedevils said our Founding Fathers were domestic terrorist too…treasonous turncoats! Well we know what they did to traitors…don’t we? If fighting the NWO & their Fedevil agents is being labelled a domestic terrorist…so be it,better than being a coward,lol!!!!!!!!!

    • Unibrow

      So Warlion, could you elaborate on what you think is the best way to approach the situation? I note many people seem not to submit any actual plans to back up their statements. Talk is all they do, and it is always the government did this or the government did that, and we are all pissed about it, but seemingly no one has any real plans of what to do about it? What would you do to solve this so called problem?

      • WARLION

        What our fellow Patriots & Militias are already doing.We show up there armed,they know we are not messing around NO MORE!!! We keep running them off until they disappear.We know they’re not going to do that,so no other option except Declaration of War.They want a fire fight,then they’ll get one! What needs to happen is for scumbag private mercenaries that use to be our troops,to stop doing shit for money & keep their Oaths they swore on like me & countless others.But that’s ok,because you would be amazed of how many sherrifs,deputies,cops,troops,ex-service members,SpecOps soldiers are on our side just waiting.The Federal govt has pushed us to the wall with nowhere to run & we are fighting back & will restore this Republic!!!


        • Ronald Reagan republican

          Advocating the violent overthrow of the US government is felony treason Title 18, Chapter 115. Resolve your anger peacefully Warlon or be crushed.