Senator Harry Reid has said that “something will happen” to stop Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy from grazing his cattle on federal land, a phrase that could mean anything from frozen bank accounts to a lien on his herd, but at least one militia nut has decamped Bundy’s ranch because he is worried about infiltration by federal agents.

(Frank) Lindysthe left the ranch in the middle of the night after at least two men tried joining the guard. He said the men made him uncomfortable.

“The people that are up there, they have a certain look about them. These are military. My belief is federal agents,” he said.

Lindysthe feels the alleged federal agents are there to gather information on militia members and eventually conduct a raid.

“They’re dirty. They’re dirty,” he said.

Who would have imagined that a gathering of people who believe in black helicopters and sinister conspiracies against private property rights would include at least one paranoiac who sees federal agents everywhere?