William Finlay says that he wants to “cure liberalism in our lifetime” by doctoring the American electorate through YouTube as ‘Wild Bill For America.’ We were unaware of him until last night, when we received this video in an email. It is one of the most unintentionally-revealing things we have ever seen. In three short minutes, Mr. Finlay goes to great lengths to dismiss the very idea that any white person should feel shame about their color, then suggests that people of other skin tones are the ones who ought to feel ashamed because they are not white. Watch:


We wanted to learn more about Mr. Finlay after watching that train wreck. Here are some Finlay facts:

  • Like Larry the Cable Guy, ‘Wild Bill’ is a character contrived to appeal to ignorant people
  • Finlay has stated that he was a federal marshal. Although he may have a background in law enforcement, many observers doubt that he ever really worked for the Department of Justice
  • An Islamophobe who rejects the label, ‘Wild Bill’ has said that Muslims remain “courteous and polite” only if they remain less than 2% of the population. At 8%, Muslims suddenly explode into violence because their religion is evil
  • Finlay has attacked evolution by claiming that liberal professors, scientists, and atheists are conspiring against Christians
  • He has consistently supported welfare rancher Cliven Bundy’s false tale of woe
  • Finlay has advocated that veterans join a grassroots vigilante movement to “take the country back if necessary
  • Having sold merchandise through his website for some time, Finlay recently began asking for donations

Overall, Mr. Finlay is very concerned that he is losing his freedom. Of course, when he says ‘freedom,’ Finlay is referring to his right to loathe people who think differently than he does, or believe differently, or look different, or who prefer empirical scientific fact to conservative mythology. He wants to “cure” those people, and cleanse America of their presence, because real freedom should mean that everyone else thinks exactly the same way he does.