David Brock, founder and Chairman of the American Bridge 21st Century Foundation, has announced the creation of a rapid response “war room” aimed at exposing the Koch brothers and the Republican candidates who benefit from their political spending.

“We’re going to do some really deep-dive research into Koch industries and related entities and their businesses practices. And at the end of the day what we’re going to show is that the Kochs are leaders of a freakish ideological cult that is designed to rig the system to their benefit and to rob Americans of Social Security and decent wages. … I think that the Kochs don’t view their investments politically as investments in the country but in their companies.”

We like the fact that Brock seems just as concerned with the Kochs’ forays into local and state politics as their national ambitions. But we suggest that Brock expand this effort to cover the entire gamut of Koch spending — for example, someone ought to figure out just how much money they have spent trying to buy up university departments. Just as the Kochs have a holistic approach to changing America into their libertarian paradise, a full appreciation of their spending habits requires that we look beyond their direct political spending and “dark money” support of right wing groups to see the larger picture of their activities. At one end of the spectrum, Charles and David Koch endorse ‘patriots’ like Cliven Bundy who want to tear down and nullify the federal government. At the other end of the spectrum, they empower themselves to pick and choose who will teach economics to the next generation of college students. The Kochs would install their “freakish ideological cult” wherever they can, at all levels of American politics and society, because their vision is far greater than a few Republican candidates.

Video: via Politico, David Brock explains the purpose of his new project.