According to the latest CBS News poll taken May 16-19th 2014, the Tea Party has sunk to an all time low in support by the voting public. Looking at the outcome of several primaries last night it seems that establishment Republicans have won all of their districts and beat back the challenges from Tea Party candidates that had hoped to establish themselves in the 2014 mid terms. It also appears that the hot button Tea Party issues such as Immigration, Women’s issues, Border Security, and general extremist anti-government viewpoints have not resonated very well with the general voting public. Instead, mainstream Republicans have easily won the challenges that the Tea Party had put forth. Could this be a trend? Has Benghazi fever, IRS examined me too long fever, and a host of other extremist get off my land fever issues finally taken its toll on Tea Party extremists? It seems as if the Tea Party hasn’t energized their base enough, or it could be that the actual base is so small as to not really count anymore in the mainstream. And despite their various media outlets giving them all the off the wall news stories fit not fit to print, Tea Party candidates have just collapsed into the abyss where they probably belong.



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