RNC Files Lawsuit To Raise Unlimited Cash Like Super PACs (via FreakOutNation)

In a totally expected turn of events, the Republican National Committee on Friday sued the Federal Election Commission in an effort to raise unlimited cash just like super PACs do. In addition to the RNC and Priebus, the Republican Party of Louisiana…

  • Robert_13

    If the Republican Party wishes to commit suicide, which they do seem to have a strong tendency to do, they just need to win this suit and start pouring money directly into the candidates’ campaigns. If they want the American people to finally wake up, recognize them for who they really are, and kick their fannies all the way to Mars, forestalling the need for NASA participation, this is a sure way to do it.

    • Hofenbrau

      Hope this eventually happens Robert.

  • Hofenbrau

    Sweep the bums out is the slogan for every election. Seems though that no one ever seems to bring a big enough broom. So cycle after cycle its always the same slogans that they will sweep the bums out, clean house, ply new rules and or regulations, but in the end it never really gets done.