Alex Jones Says Army Training Center Is Part Of ‘Giant Buildup For War With The American People’ (via

By David Neiwert May 31, 2014 1:54 pm – Comments Alex Jones thinks the federal government is training military personnel to round up Americans and put them in concentration camps and could launch this dastardly plan at any moment. [Cross-posted at Hatewatch…

  • PNUT1

    None of the idiocy that flows from Alex Jones crazy mouth ever comes to pass yet morons still listen to this hucksters, and then call sane people “steeple”, it would be funny it weren’t so sad. It’s a cult of stupid people.

    • Hofenbrau

      He does have some Hybrid seeds to sell you. Gold too. So these bags of hybrid seeds, which sell for over 100.00 dollars for a small bag, and according to him cannot be purchased in regular stores, will quickly grow you a garden to feed your family after the nuclear war takes place. Of course the land might be contaminated, but them seeds will surely grow you some good radiated food. And don’t forget to buy all the gold you can now, because when the dark times come gold will be the only commodity worth anything.
      And of course I haven’t quite figured out how to spend gold I am supposed to buy from him yet, which is of course stored electronically in some vault somewhere across the pond when those dark times come, cause I’m sure the internet will of course not be around to send me my gold when I need to buy that food for my family. And them seeds; what happens if they don’t in fact grow food? Will he be around to refund me? Doubtful..

      • PNUT1

        You can grow the seeds in the “Survival Bunker” that Glen Beck will sell you……lol.

        • Hofenbrau

          Yep, you too can get one of these hybrid survival bunkers. Just 100 thousand dollars. Buy now and get a 2 percent discount when you buy the head attachment.

  • brian whittle

    Alex Jones is just an opportunist milking the deluded of their money, apart from his 5% sane stuff he does not believe a word of the BS he spouts.

    • Hofenbrau

      It is all about the dollars for him. The more crazy he acts the more money flows in. Which then begs the question; why does money flow into crazy while sane people go broke? Just curious.

  • Wine Dude

    Alex Jones is a hack. Here is a link to a YouTube video that shows how he (Jones) has been wrong so many times…it’s amazing that he has any followers, but crazy seems to attract crazy.

  • Amy Westerbank

    When you have your bias filters set to : the government is evil.
    Everything looks like an assault on. American people.