David Brat’s Campaign Manager Scrubs His Facebook Page: Here’s What He’s Hiding (Images) (via Americans Against The Tea Party)

What do you do when the guy whose campaign you manage pulls off an upset? Apparently, you delete a lot of information from your Facebook page. Information that could hurt your guy. That’s what Zachary Werrell, campaign manager for David Brat, did.…

  • Maurice Raymond

    CRAZZZZY Fuckers….

  • Mike

    Where’s the proof that Trayvon slammed head of Adult Murderer with a Gun? And why so many Mistakes from crime scene to jury selection, to buried evidence, to judge?

  • kidcat24

    republicans are constantly walking back scrubbing.

  • rick taylor

    Where do Republicans keep coming up with these idiots?

  • Barry

    Is that Mark Levin in the photograph?