Mississippi’s Tea Party members made it clear that they are sticking with Chris McDaniel for the long haul, as they gathered together over the weekend to show their support for McDaniel’s demand for a recount of the primary runoff votes. Nearly 100 supporters got together to on Saturday to show their support of their local Tea Party and contest what they have dubbed a “stolen election.”

According to local news affiliate WLOX, Tea Party leaders continue to ask for donations. In fact, in the past week, “McDaniel asked for donations twice from his supporters. One to fund rewards for any evidence highlighting voter fraud within the runoff and the other is to fund the campaign’s future legal challenge. ”

Thad Cochran’s campaign says the allegations of cross voting are just plain false. McDaniel’s campaign was the one with a reputation for dirty tricks and even allegedly illlegal activities, however, McDaniel supporters are still convinced that by recruiting black citizens to vote, Cochran cheated. (Because, golly gee, no way a black person in the South would vote for a Republican unless they were “tricked” or paid!)
There’s obviously some Tea Party members uncomfortable with the idea of black Republicans, despite the fact that mainstream Republicans (read:non-Confederate-flag-wavers) view McDaniel’s daring minority outreach as a sign of hope for progress in the Republican Party.

“I felt kind of ashamed, our party is known for good, moral values and doing things the right way and to see our party fall apart it’s kind of sad,” said Jeremiah Boddy, Tea Party Member, over the weekend when discussing the current state of the Mississippi Tea Party and their rally to support Chris McDaniel’s request for a recount of runoff votes.


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