The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is expected to release the details of an investigation into two former Fruitland Park police officers who may have ties with the Ku Klux Klan.

An FBI investigation named Deputy Police Chief David Borst and Cpl. George Hunnewell as Klansmen.

Borst resigned Thursday while Hunnewell was fired on Friday.

In 2009, Fruitland Park officer James Elkins resigned after he was exposed as a “district Kleagle” in the Ku Klux Klan. At the time, Police Chief J.M. Isom offered his personal guarantee that no other officers in the department were involved with the world’s best-known white power group.

  • PNUT1

    I am just surprised that there aren’t more.

    • logicrules

      Oh, there are more. What do you think the teabaggers are? They come to us bible in hand and wrapped in a flag. Hate for those that do not look or think like them while they foul the country from the inside.

      Take a look at some of their rallies on YouTube.


        KKK and Teabaggers……is the NAACP not a version of the Black KKK? All I hear is America is free, freedom of speech…well unless we don’t speak like you. Freedom of religion…well unless we are Christian. Freedom to believe with a goal…well unless it differs…..Compare a little here. NAACP fights for the rights of Blacks. KKK fight for the rights of Whites. KKK is wrong because they don’t think like the NAACP. Could that not be turned around to be…NAACP is wrong because they don’t think like Whites. When for the love of God are we going to be Americans? Making the Blacks superior is no better then the Whites being superior….We of this generation cannot go back to slave times and undo the trip across the ocean….The government could however give first class tickets to all that would like to return to the country we took you from if you would like. Then possibly you would be happy and there would be no need for KKK or NAACP. iT IS TIME THE WORD BATTLE STOPPED AND THE ACTION BATTER BECAME A FACTOR.

        • corona10

          Well first of all whites already had rights before the NAACP was ever created. And if whites hadnt treated blacks so horribly then the NAACP wouldnt have been necessary.The NAACP isnt about blacks being superior over any race, its about blacks having the same rights as whites.The KKK and NAACP should never ever be confused as being alike. The KKK oppressed and murdered blacks for generations. They’re the modern day terrorists of this country.

  • Martina Dinale

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ??? No no, you don’t understand . I am astonished at the firing/resignation !!! That is what a festering shithole our beloved country has become . Christ in a GONDOLA .

    • mo

      lol okkk then….

    • mybuddyrobin

      yup yup

  • mybuddyrobin

    hanging chads??? yup, I had airline colleagues late for work …and unable to vote. As her primarily black neighborhood was shut down doing sobriety and id checks (of whole carloads of peeps) …they, cops, packed up 10 mins to closing of polls. I talked to her that night when helping a passenger…she was madddd.

  • Joshua Schake

    The NAACP is a great organization for protecting our civil rights and liberties. ALL of OUR Rights! They help everybody. The Black KKK you are referring to is called The New Black Panther Movement and are on the FBI watch list as domestic terrorists.