Jeff Sessions Demands Congress Be Respected


Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Groundswell) took to the Senate floor today to rant about immigrants at the border and Ted Cruz’ xenophobic legislation to “fix it”. Groundswell’s Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle is ON it, with video and quotes of the good Senator’s rant.

Yes, Sessions called on Congress to stomp on the president’s executive order regarding DREAMers (DACA) by defunding the process for issuing work permits. Moreover, Sessions is mighty tired of the disrespect Congress gets for kicking immigrants in the teeth.

Does anybody not respect this institution? Do we not respect the House of Representatives, the United States Senate? Have we gotten so partisan that we don’t care what the president does to diminish Congress? Don’t we have an institutional responsibility, a Constitutional responsibility to defend the legitimate powers of Congress? Sure, we can disagree sometimes, but this one is not a matter of disagreement, it seems to me. This is an overreach of dramatic proportions.

Oh, the drama! The unspeakable disrespect of a President doing something to mitigate a problem Congress refuses to deal with!

If the House had managed to discard even one of their 50 votes defunding Obamacare to vote on immigration reform, this wouldn’t even be a topic for discussion.

But who dares to defy the puppetmasters? Not Jeff Sessions, who marches in lockstep with Ted Cruz and his merry gang of billionaires.

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    Thus speaketh the man who said veteran’s health care is an ‘entitlement’ we just can’t afford.

  • OsborneInk

    Jeff Sessions is a creepy old goat who opposed birth control coverage in the ACA before it even passed.

  • Karoli

    Laughing at the downvotes on this post. I must have annoyed someone over at the Breitbart stable.

    • OsborneInk

      I think it’s a bot — our posts keep getting hit by 20 downvotes right after publication. I’ve been correcting this by manually adding 20 upvotes.

      • logicrules

        You guys must have pissed off someone in IT.

  • Upvoter

    Yes, but just look at all the up votes :) This was a great article…Hoping for more from you.

  • mommadillo

    Since idiots like Jefferson Beauregard Sessions are a large part of the reason Congress is so disliked and disrespected, this call for civility seems a bit disingenuous.

    • Karoli

      He’s not really calling for civility. He’s calling for Congress to be deemed the absolute and only authority in the nation.

  • pfair143

    Do we not respect the White House? Have we gotten so partisan that we don’t care what the GOP does to diminish the twice elected President of the United States of America? so says Jeff Sessions not.

  • serfdumb

    The current congress as a whole deserves no respect and hasn’t for a few years. Most are bitter old racists that care nothing about the American people but are greatly concerned with lining their own pockets. Age does not always bring wisdom.

  • logicrules

    So congress got dissed. That’s usually the case when you diss the People.