Islamophobe Jody Hice Wins GOP Georgia House Runoff


Louie Gohmert had better move over, because Jody Hice makes him look mainstream by comparison. Conservative Islamophobes will soon have another to join their ranks, since Hice won the runoff for the GOP candidacy. This is the district that elected Paul Broun. Expect an easy win for Hice in the general election.


Hice would replace Republican Congressman Paul Broun, who is currently one of the most socially conservative members of Congress. Broun’s greatest hits include denouncing evolution and the Big Bang as “lies straight from the pit of hell,” calling for Muslims to face additional scrutiny at airports, and alleging that President Obama had a plan to take over the country with armed civilian militias.

Establishment Republicans probably breathed a sigh of relief when Broun gave up his seat for an unsuccessful Senate run this year. Not only would they not have to deal with him in the Senate election, but they were free of him in the House too. But it looks like his replacement, who Broun endorsed in the primary, will carry on his legacy. 

In a 2012 book, “It’s Now or Never: A Call to Reclaim AmericaHice argued that Islam is “a complete geo-political structure, and as such, does not deserve First Amendment protection.”

He’ll make himself right at home, I’m sure. I’m sure he would cause mainstream Republicans to have heartburn if there were any of those left. But as it is, he’ll fit right in.

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  • Frank Gaffney Islamophobe Says

    So by all accounts we should be seeing Frank Gaffney running for office soon.


    It’s not a “phobia” when they really are trying to kill you, sick fuxs Libturdiban