An open carry group called “Come And Take It Dallas” recently took another big step towards making all gun owners be regarded as dissonant psychopaths by holding a rally on the Grassy Knoll close to where John F. Kennedy was killed by an assassin in 1963. Although they were busy handing out business cards asking “where’s the birth certificate?,” a reference to various insane conspiracy theories about the birthplace of President Barack Obama, and bashing immigrants for being non-Americans when they arrive, the group managed to capture their event on video so we can all point at them and laugh.

H/t Bob Cesca

  • CCW Texas

    For openers, get the year correct. JFK was shot in November 1963.
    Note to Open Carry Dallas: all you guys are doing is making it more unlikely that we will ever get open carry in Texas. Acting like a bunch of petulant juveniles and spouting inconsistent ‘facts’ makes the case against open carry that much easier for the anti-gun liberals.
    And yes, I am a CCW license holder. I would very much like to see Texas become an open carry state. This is not the way to get there, though. Particularly in a location like this.

    • ibz1550rg

      I’m with CATI-Austin and support OCT, and OCTC. out of those three groups – 26 members represented us as delegates to the state convention. they spent a week there away from family, friends, career. at the end of the week they got Constitutional Carry up for vote. so tell me again how they are making it more unlikely that we will ever get open carry in Texas. you have the right to disagree, but now the vote is up to the people, so make sure you vote.

    • ibz1550rg

      you speak of inconsistent facts that we spout off? i’d like an example of that. here’s a fact: the presence of the open carry groups is so well-known that the local PD expects to see us out there without having to “call ahead”, certain establishments expect to see us out there without having to “call ahead”. another fact: we get far more support from the community than otherwise. another fact: our numbers are growing. another fact: members of each group will travel hours upon hours to support other groups – tell me where you can find that kind of commitment and support among people these days.

  • Vet

    LOL! Duh! Not only is the date wrong (I am sure it is just a typo) but the author doesn’t seem to know where JFK was assassinated. It was not on the Grassy Knoll. It was on Houston Street in
    Dealey Plaza.


    You Libtudiban are some serious dumb azzed sick fuxs.

    • Knerdy Turdy

      And you have what to offer to the conversation again?

  • Open Carry Open Fairy

    Looks like a typo, looks like they fixed it. So OK, what Open Carry is doing now is calling attention to themselves while looking foolish. This isn’t the old west in 1868 where Open Carry was normal. This is the 21st century where open carry looks dumb.

    How can anyone feel safe with kids in tow when open carry guys are trolling TGI Friday’s with AK-47’s or AR-15’s? How can anyone know whether these are the so called good guys? Could an open carry guy with an AR-15 get drunk in a bar or restaurant and start shooting the place up like back in the 1800’s in the old west? Sure could. So my thoughts are if you want to open carry, then jump in the time machine or go out to a dude ranch and open carry there.

    Or do people forget when they were posted out of town and or had to check their guns prior to coming into town when the town said no guns? Where was the outrage then?


    A small brain, a big mouth, and a tiny penis make for a deadly combination.

    • MindlessHack

      What’s with the obsession with penises?

  • MindlessHack

    First, JFK was assasinated in the roadway. Second, the assasin was in the school book depository. Third, they were standing at the edge of the parking lot. Fourth, the ‘grassy knoll’ is a sloping section that connects ‘the edge of the parking lot’ to the roadway. Finally, Dealy Plaza is a major gathering place (much like Main St. in a smaller city) for numerous protests across a wide range of issues.

  • logicrules

    I think the NRA is doing us all a favor by bringing out all of the nut case gun owners. What a sad lot.

  • ResCogitans

    Holding a rally glorifying guns in the place where a President was brutally murdered and another man grievously wounded is not a sign of “freedom” or “liberty”, it’s the sign of a pathology and a dangerous one at that. Frigging ammosexuals.