New Approach Oregon, a campaign dedicated to the legalization of marijuana in Oregon, announced Tuesday that they have achieved the Secretary of State’s signature hurdle, earning the right to have a measure legalizing marijuana up for a vote on the November ballot, according to the Statesman Journal.

“This is our moment to be part of history and lead a movement,” Dominique Lopez, metro regional organizer for New Approach Oregon, said in a statement. “Treating marijuana use as a crime has failed, but together we can win a more sensible approach and better the lives of Oregonians.”

The Statesman Journal reports that legalizing marijuana could also fortify the state of Oregon’s coffers, “Recreational marijuana would be taxed at $1.50 a gram or $35 an ounce, according to the initiative. That money would be used for schools, law enforcement, drug treatment programs and mental health programs.”

If passed into law, the proposal will allow individuals to possess up to eight ounces of marijuana at home. Residents will also have the option to partake in home-grown marijuana and legally be allowed to cultivate up to four plants. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission would be given the job of oversight with authority  regulate recreational sales, which would start in January 2016 if voters pass the measure.