Representative Curt Clawson, a freshman member of Congress from Florida (R) delivered an imploring speech requesting business cooperation between “our governments” to two people who actually work for the American government, just like him.

His embarrassing and hilarious speech was directed at Nisha Biswal and Arun Kumar, two senior American officials at the State Department and Commerce Department. Apparently, he believed they were foreign diplomats from the country of India.
By the way, he loves Bollywood!

h/t to Carbonated TV

  • dmarie

    Help, somebody.. please pick me up off the floor. I’m laughing so hard I can’t get up! The thing that’s so bad about this is that he was sitting back acting all puffed out like a big shot while addressing them, trying to display his leadership skills by his sugar-coated and patronizing talk and then trying not once, but twice to force an affirmative out of two two dark-skinned people he thought were from India but are really U.S. citizens working for the Dept. of Commerce. With his mind solely on trying to impress his fellow tea party members, even when he heard their answer he still doesn’t get his gaffe. I’m wondering when he finally began listening to what was going on in the room and finally, actually got it? The fact that he was blind to the possibility these folks might be Americans when he first looked at them and heard their names announced is the perfect example of a racist mind set. This was not an honest mistake. It was Freudian slip of the brain. Probably what is the funniest about this was how slowly he was talking, so that they might understand him and that the people in India might understand, just in case they were watching. Hello, earth to Clawson, are you there? What was he doing anyway, daydreaming while they were being introduced? I didn’t think anybody could top Michelle B’s gaffes, but this one takes the cake.