Matt R. Salmon is the gay son of conservative Arizona Congressman Matt Salmon. He recently did an interview about his process of coming out, he and his Mormon family’s attempts at “reparative therapy”, and finally making the decision to ask his family to accept him for who he is.

The interview is an emotional one. He doesn’t think his parents are anti-gay, but they just can’t wrap their heads around gay marriage. Yet he has faith they’ll come to accept him and his sexuality. “I was explaining to him that I want a family, and I intend to have one. And, at that point I said, You know, this is what I want. I want the same things that you want, I want the same things that you have with mom…And I know it took me twenty years before I was okay with myself, and I can’t expect anybody else to do it overnight…”

It sounds like he’s grown up to be a much better man than his father. Hats off to this brave young man.

Let’s hope his family sees the light very soon.