Maryland GOP Candidate Michael Peroutka took to a press conference to rant about the Southern Poverty Law Center,  Al Sharpton, and abortion as a means of “black genocide” — all in the name of proving, once and for all, he’s not racist. (Yeah. Because the easiest way to prove you’re not racist is to make generalizations about a group of people, perpetuate stereotypes, and insist that hate groups are not hateful.)

He pointed to Al Sharpton as living proof that Democrats can be as “destructively racist” as they want.

“They can start race riots, or defend young men who brutally rape a Black woman,” Peroutka said. “And they are rewarded with their own MSNBC show, as long as they remain loyal to the Democratic party and Barack Obama.”

Peroutka, the GOP nominee for the upcoming Anne Arundel County Council election, made his remarks three days after a video of him singing Dixie as his “national anthem” for a pro-secession group at the 2012 national conference for the League of the South.

h/t The Raw Story